Eve Jobs, the hija of Steve Jobs, is on the iPhone 14 from Apple

During the event Far Out, has released the latest 7 September, the technological giant Apple presents its new generation of smartphones. The iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max were updated versions.

Therefore, the receipt of all new iPhone generators is divisive. I would like to thank the public on the results of the attack, other calls that no different mayores differing in comparison with their anterior version.

This last expectation was shared by Eve Jobs, the hija of the cofundador of Apple Steve Jobs. Following on his Instagram History, la joven shared a memory where water can be on his new cell phone.

A meme shared by Eve Jobs appeared a hombreaker using a camisa color vino tinto con rayas blancas recibiendo una prenda exactamente igual. “Yo, changing the iPhone 13 for the iPhone 14 through the Apple presentation”says the text that accompanies the image.

With this post, the hija of the Apple cofundor will be, that on July, We do not have any financial differences between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13pese a queue was presented as an evolution of the anterior version.

Of course, various Twitter users coincided with Eve Jobs, so that tampoco could find different differences between the new iPhone generation on the antecesor. For this reason, anticipate that we will not buy the new phone.

In the middle of the launch of this new product celebrated at the Apple Event, Tim Cook, director of the technology company, said about the changes, benefits and innovations that the iPhone 14 brings in its different versions for those who love this brand.

The new iPhone 14 family is made up of two models, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, which are mainly different for the season, looking for the first, of 6,1 pulses and the second, of 6,7 pulses.

The phones present a Super Retina XDR display with an Apple-designed OLED panel that detects a brightness of 1,200 nits and admires various HDR formats. The two functions with the A15 Bionic processor, which incorporates a personalized IPS to improve the functions of the camera.

Respect the prices raised by Apple for the iPhone 14, the base price is 799 dollars. No obstante, the latest version will be backed by 1,100 dollars. The first models will be on sale from September 16.

Lanzamiento to solve problems in the suministro cadena

Apple launches new cell phones intuitive to simulate the exact models of pianos on the influx and the problems in the suministro cadena.

The presentation on the topic of the company in California no incluyó ninguna sorpresa mayorif well the technological giant offers a new digital identification system to achieve the need for a physical SIM card.

The newest Apple phone, Apple iPhone 14, has about 799 dollars in its base model, the latest price that the actual version, while an iPhone 14 Pro Max premium will cost 1,100 dollars.

The conjugation of updated products, which also includes new auriculas, is designed to maintain customers’ loyalty in the ecological ecology system of Apple.

“Apple continued with its launch in the first half of 2022, driven by the demand for the IPhone 13, which was the most intelligent phone sold in the world”, said Le Xuan Chiew, Canalys analyst.

The ability to maintain free data on iPhone reflections from the benefits of diversifying the suministro cadena in India after that the tolerance policies against the 19-year-old China limit the production in this countryagregó.

The new features of the new iPhone 14 include an additional battery and new photo capacitors for capturing “ultra anchas” scenes and entities with a little light. The device has a screen of 17 centimeters and a function of “SOS of emergencies” to bring the message delivery without having to worry about wifi.

The company also presents other products, such as digital watches Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, which have respectively 400 and 800 dollars respectively, and can monitor body temperature, among other functions.

* With AFP information.

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