Events boost business in Huntsville | News

It was a fun weekend at the Von Braun Center for the seventh annual Comic and Pop Culture Expo.

This three-day Comic and Pop Culture Expo was the biggest turnout by far, according to event creator Jeremy Long.

For the second consecutive weekend, the VBC has hosted events that have brought people to downtown Huntsville from all over the world.

Something a few local business owners are enjoying

“Traffic’s been amazing. Traffic’s been crazy. We’ve gotten a lot of people just wanting to walk off the street,” said Caleb Shaw, who owns One Man’s Vintage in downtown Huntsville.

This is only the second week his store has been open downtown.

With the Space City Tattoo Expo being held last weekend and the Comic and Pop Culture Expo taking place this weekend, Shaw says his business has benefited tremendously.

“We saw a lot of people from out of town too. Met a few people from Indiana, met a few people from Kentucky. They were like ‘we’re in Huntsville for the weekend, we wanted to come by.’

They said ‘we saw your shop and wanted to come check it out,’ “said Shaw.

Lisa Statham – owns Cozy Cow in downtown Huntsville.

She’s also seen business pickup lately.

“Last night was the busiest night we have ever had in four years,” she said.

Statham says that’s partly because of big events like the Comic and Pop Culture Expo being held in the Rocket City. Also, now the weather is heating up.

“It’s been excellent. So, yeah I don’t have any complaints,” said Statham,

Both Statham and Shaw say they are ready for a busy spring and summer.

“I’m anticipating being very busy. That’s what I’m anticipating.”

“With vintage clothing in general, we do really well in the summer. That’s like our really busy season. As it warms up, markets are big, people want to go outdoors. So, I’m hoping to get a lot

of good foot traffic, “said Shaw.


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