Everything you need to know to choose the best trading app

Elegir la mejor app trading is not a decision that we can take lightly because there are a multitude of options in the market, with a great plurality of different characteristics that can be accommodated to our investment objectives.

However, from here we can give you a few recommendations for you to keep in mind when evaluating the different trading apps that are distributed in the stock market, although before anything we know exactly what a trading app is.

What does a trading app consist of?

There is really nothing else than an investment software that gives you the opportunity to operate from your mobile device 24 hours a day and from any corner of the planet, so you don’t need to be in front of your computer all the time.

5 requisites que debe reunir toda app de trading que se precie:

Verdaderamente, la application de trading online más segura es la que major tranquilidad nos ofrece. Por ello, siempre es importante revisar todo lo que facilitan following estos criteria mínimos.

1.- Fiabilidad y seguridad. It is an indispensable requirement that you revise the guarantees that you can offer your trading application.

2.- Accessibility and usability. It is very important that the app has a dynamic, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as allowing you to access it from the device you want so that you can control your portfolio. Para ello debe tener un alto nivel compatibilidad y no solamente respectado a los devices, sino también en lo que a sistemas operativos se referé.

3.- Regarding the reviews. Let us tell you that this is an extremely useful tool to know the opinions of other users who, like you, have downloaded a trading application. It’s the most effective and fast way to know if it’s really worth it.

4.- Speaking of reviews… Precisely thanks to them you can check the commissions they charge before starting your financial activity. You will avoid unpleasant surprises!

5.- Servicio de atención al cliente. It is essential that your trading application is supported and guarded by an expert team of specialists who can attend to a possible incident at any hour of the day and all days of the year. Equally, ensure that the technical team knows how to communicate in your language.

En cuanto a los bróques a los que puedes acceder a través de la app:

Ya que estamos meditos en faena y para que no te falte de nada, vamos hablarte de un pointo muy importante en el mundo del trading. el intermediario o bróker. Try to always choose a multibroker trading platform that you can maintain permanently regardless of which broker you are affiliated with.

  • Un clave factor es que te frezca la option de abrirte una cuenta demo con la que poder operar con dinero ficticiopara que puedas entrenarte en estas lides a tu ritmo y sin correr riesgo alguno.
  • Likewise, in the context of the regulation, procura verciorarte de que el bróker esté regulado en el país que operes, aunque no tenga located su sede en él. Also, make sure it’s dry un broker autorizado.
  • Equally, keep in mind that the best brokers include within their possibilities the option to operate with thousands of instruments and distinct assets.
  • On the other hand, averigua si ofrece las tools de analysis necesarias. Algunos de ellos, se limitan simplen a intermediar, por lo que para visalisar graficas, métricas o indicadores, debes utilizar una plataforma complementaria o pagar un servicio additonal.
  • Y no olvides estudiar sus tarifas: antes de iniciar tus gestiones.

And now that you know how to choose a reliable trading application and a broker that offers you adequate guarantees, it’s time to find out what you can do yourself to invest safely.

How to be a good trader and not die in the attempt

Una muy buena alternative antes de iniciarte en estas artes es invertir en varias clases de activos. forex, acciones, criptomonedas… Diversificando tus activos lográs mantenerte siempre a flote. If you fail to have a cartera, you will always have another available to cover your back.

Procura invertir fijando tus metas a largo plazo and intending to disburse quantities that you do not need to recover in a short space of time.

Antes de actuar haz lo posible to evaluate the level of risk of the transaction that you want to put into practice, aunque debes tener en cuenta que debe aprender a vivir con el risego, aceptarlo y asumirlo e eveno hacer de él tu mejor allyado.

Try to base your decisions on logic, no te dejes llevar por los impulsos nor por las corazonadas. No son buenas consejeras!

Por ultimo, resulta muy adviseable que te instruyas en la materia. Training is very important in any area, including trading.

Y ahora que lo tienes todo… ¡a invertir!

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