Extraordinary Lives Foundation Founder and CEO, Mara James, Releases Children’s Book Timed to Mental Health Awareness Month

Piggie Bear’s Power of Happiness by Mara James and illustrated by Matthew Mew is a new picture book that provides a much-needed resource for mental health awareness and childhood emotional intelligence (EQ).

DALLAS, May 11, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Award-winning author, and Extraordinary Lives Founder / CEO Mara Jamesreturns with her much anticipated next book, PIGGIE BEAR’S POWER OF HAPPINESS (Brown Books Kids; on sale: May 3, 2022). As children continue to return to in-person classroom environments, there’s been a notable difference in elevated levels of stress and anxiety. Now more than ever, it is integral that resources be provided to help children as they cope with a new reality in the world around them.

Mara James aims to do just that! Piggie Bear’s Power of Happiness helps children to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), teaching how to identify complex feelings such as anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, and uncertainty, while managing them in a healthy way.

“We are ALL amazing just the way we are! Wouldn’t it be great to teach children not to judge others at a young age? The world can be so judgmental, and this needs to change. It can begin with something as simple as. a loving friend: Piggie Bear. The more children learn how to process and deal with their emotions, the more resilient they will become. “- Mara James

Summary: It’s a presentation day for Piggie Bear, and just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month! At school, every student must prepare a presentation and Piggie Bear intends to deliver one that helps its fellow classmates. While teaching the class how to identify emotions, release extra energy, and perform deep belly breathing and self-hugs, Piggie Bear will guide readers through each feeling with encouragement.

Praise for the Piggie Bear books:

Mara James is changing the mental health narrative. ”
—Story Monsters Inc. Magazine

“I love this book! Through simple verse and lively characters, Piggie Bear’s Power of Happiness helps young children understand a range of everyday emotions. It gives simple yet effective ways for children to embrace their emotions, calm themselves down and feel happy and relaxed. The illustrations are wonderful! Bravo! ”
—Janan Cain, Award-Winning Author and Illustrator of The Way I Feel and Roonie B. Moonie: Lost and Alone

“Sweet characters and a gentle tone bring these important SEL lessons to life.”
—Elizabeth Verdick, Award-Winning Author of the Toddler Tools® Series

“Piggie Bear is a sweet and kind guide to help children navigate emotions and cultivate happiness.”
—Wendy O’Leary, M.Ed., Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Award-Winning Author of Breathing Makes It Better and The Monster Parade

“This book will definitely help children figure out what happiness is all about.”
—Scott Menchin, Award-Winning Author and Illustrator of Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things That Make Me Happy

“For children especially, the stigma of homelessness goes straight to their hearts and minds as they live in a world of uncertainty and despair. Piggie Bear plush and the Piggie Bear book explains and shows these children that they are not alone – they have a friend that speaks to them in a safe and comforting language. Piggie Bear is a symbol of a new beginning for the children we serve. ”
—Terry Campbell, Illumination Foundation

“This is such a cute and meaningful book. If we can get books like this in children’s hands at a younger age, it can help them deal with their feelings in their later years.”
—Lea Romo, Director of Development, Child Abuse Prevention Center

Mara James has taken a key principle of developmental psychology and turned it into an easily digestible and entertaining story for young children. Piggie Bear provides a model for young children to begin naming and coping with difficult emotions, which are the central ingredients of mental health. ”
—Jessica Borelli, Ph.D, Associate Professor, UC Irvine

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