Father, son buy historic Kizer House

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Want to know what’s good in Michigan?

A father and son bought the historic Kizer House located in the 800 block of West Washington Street in South Bend.

Picture 1 of Kaiser House(no)

Stephen and Ed Ziegler bought the property back in March.

“And I’ve been watching the real estate market here in South Bend for over 20 years, and I’ve thought if there’s ever a great opportunity to restore a home, it’s got to be here; and this is the one,” said Ziegler.

On Monday, Stephen Ziegler gave 16 News Now a tour, and showed us the beginning phases of the renovations.

Picture 2 of Kaiser House.
Picture 2 of Kaiser House.(no)

“So, this is personal and just for fun. I have no interest in being a real estate developer or anything like that. I’m here because I enjoy the Michiana community. I was fortunate to be a student at Notre Dame. I’ve been involved all my life. My dad also went to Notre Dame.”

They bought the 7,200 square footage property for about $350,000 and plan to turn it into small office spaces, a cafe and some apartment units.

The community will be able to rent the space for meetings and gatherings too.

Picture 3 of Kaiser House.
Picture 3 of Kaiser House.(WNDU)

“I don’t feel like there’s anything more important than making sure the community feels like they have ownership too,” said Ziegler.

Ex-convicts are currently helping with the renovations

“And it’s just been a blessing. We’ve had some great folks come through here and work, and they’re happy and they’re just thrilled and excited. Their energy rubs off on us. They are so excited to get back into the community and I just feel great about it. The more we can work with team members who are recovering and trying to get their lives on track, the better,” said Ziegler.

Ziegler said he feels the community is on his side.

“But most of all, I just want to thank all the people in South Bend who have been nothing but nice to me.”

Renovations could take a few years.

Picture 4 of Kaiser House.
Picture 4 of Kaiser House.(WNDU)


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