Finance Ministry to Launch Covid-19 Pandemic Book for National, Global Reference

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Finance Ministry will release a book entitled “Keeping Indonesia Safe From The Covid-19″, said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati in a video posted on her Instagram account @smindrawati.

Sri recalled that she faced many extraordinary experiences during her time as a minister in the past two periods. She saw that everyone was so busy solving problems that they forgot to record and write them.

“So don’t be surprised that all this time, if Indonesia is in crisis, the ones who write and are famous are experts from other countries,” she tweeted on Saturday, August 6.

However, Mulyani admitted that she is delighted and welcomes the new culture at her ministry that tries to record those extraordinary experiences into writings and publish them in a book titled “Keeping Indonesia Safe From The Covid-19”. It was done during their busy time working and in the middle of the ongoing pandemic.

“The book is planned to be launched shortly. It describes how extraordinary policies must be produced and evaluated quickly and meticulously so it could save lives and the economy” she said.

The former Managing Director of the World Bank Group explained that the book contains various lessons collected when the government was running the National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) during the pandemic. It specifically told about how to formulate policies related to the state budget as a shock absorber.

Sri Mulyani lauded her appreciation to 45 writers who have devoted their thoughts, time, and energy in the midst of busy writing an analysis of policies and impacts during the handling of the pandemic. “Hopefully this book can later become a reference for Indonesia and the world about how Indonesia can do extraordinary things.”

The minister hopes that Indonesia will remain well and able to produce a lot of extraordinary ideas. According to Sri, Indonesia also can capture experiences and knowledge by writing them down, curating them, and sharing them with others.

“So I’m glad, even though the pandemic hasn’t over yet, we already able to write it. So it’s not always the final and the most perfect but I think it’s a good start,” Sri Mulyani remarked.

Moh. Khory Alfarizi

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