Florida weather forecasts storms, heat and Saharan dust

If only Elon Musk could build a super fan and point it out into the Gulf this weekend, Florida might escape some discomfort heading our way.

We’re talking a heat index of 100 on Thursday – the temperature you’ll really feel – along with the arrival of Saharan dust into Florida on Saturday or Sunday, according to Barry Baxter, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Miami.

There’s a 70% chance of storms in South Florida on Friday, according to the service in South Florida and higher in other parts of the state. Will the rain tamp down the dust? And the temperatures?

“We’re expecting rainfall on a Friday but it looks like the core of the dust won’t be here until the weekend – Saturday, Sunday – so what’s happening is the low level through us tomorrow. And then the tropics are actually pulling that dust behind it, over us, ”Baxter said on Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon could see isolated scattered storms around South Florida, but according to the weather service. The Florida Keys may see storm activity earlier, maybe Thursday night, on a 60% chance.

On Thursday, the weather service in Key West issued a coastal flood statement for the Lower and Middle Keys, especially during high tide cycles. Rainfall could be moderate to heavy.

Heat index warnings

Highs will hit around 90 degrees but the heat indices could reach 98 to 102 degrees in South Florida Thursday. Bradenton and the Tampa Bay area will also top 90 degrees but feel much hotter.

Meteorologists suggest caution if you’re doing outdoor activities. Drink childhood of fluids, especially water, to stay hydrated. Wear light colors.

Weekend storms

Friday storms in South Florida could produce heavy rainfall and localized flooding, along with gusty southeasterly winds around 14 mph, and also lightning.

The Keys could also see unsettled weather over the weekend into late Sunday night and through Wednesday.

Bradenton will be wet, with an 80% chance of storm coverage Friday into Saturday.

Orlando also faces heavy rainfall. Afternoon heat index values ​​are forecast to reach the mid- to upper-90s on Friday.

The slight upshot?

Friday’s triple-digit heat index. Temperatures will still climb into the mid- and upper-80s, Baxter says.

“As we get more [cloud] coverage it’s going to keep the temperatures down a little bit. But still, with higher dew points, I’m still going to make it feel like around 90 because it’s just so humid. ”

Saharan dust

As for the Saharan dust, the first trans-Atlantic Saharan dust cloud of 2022 to approach the Gulf Coast states could produce pretty and hazy sunsets but also exacerbate health issues, AccuWeather warns.

The dust has already made its way into the Caribbean.

“Some of the dust is probably going to reach Florida. The biggest impact is to make the sky appear hazy, but it can also give extra color to sunrises and sunsets, ”AccuWeather reported.

“Saharan dust can irritate human eyes, ears, noses and throats with silica particles and other minerals that can infiltrate lung tissue, aggravate sensitivities, and reduce visibility,” according to NASA.

Rip current risk

Another issue to pay for this weekend is the risk of rip currents in Miami, according to the weather service in Miami.

PBS has produced a documentary, “Rip Current Rescue,” to spotlight safety and survival tips. The documentary, partly filmed on Florida beaches, airs on public television stations and streams through the summer.

Next week

After a wet end of the week, according to the weather service in Miami.

Expect a 40% chance of rain Saturday and highs in the upper-80s and 20% on Sunday in South Florida. Rain chances tick back up to 40% Tuesday into mid-week in South and Central Florida, better off Tampa Bay.

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