Ganaderos de Beni guarantee supply and prevent a 5% increase in…

The Federación de Ganaderos de Beni (Fegabeni) guaranteed the supply of beef in the internal market and projects a 5% increase in exports of meat products.

The president of Fegabeni, Hernán Nogales, informed that the Government and this federation of farmers are working on raising new zootechnical indicators, which will establish the new surplus of beef that can be used for export.

“Los nuevos indicadores zootécnicos (…) will reflect the new surplus that we will have this year and we are firmly hoping that it will be superior to 5% of what is going to be exported this year”, he indicated.

He affirmed that the department’s 11,000 livestock farmers, among small, medium and large, guarantee the supply of beef for the national market, in the context of food security.

This month, in an interview with the ABI, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjamín Blanco, informed that between January and November 2022, Bolivia reached a record in the export of beef, reaching $US 123 million, in respect of the same period of 2021, when it reached $us 95 million.

The national government prioritizes the supply of meat products first in the internal market and then authorizes the export of surpluses through cups and certificates by the Ministry of Productive Development and Plural Economy (MDPyEP).


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