Go Inside ‘RHOD’ Star Caroline Stanbury’s Luxury Closet

As her Real Housewives of Dubai tagline would suggest, Caroline Stanbury is a star who shines the brightest in the City of Gold — and she owns a closet filled with tons of glamor to prove it.

Stocked with coveted pieces from Hermès to Chanel to Saint Laurent, Stanbury’s wardrobe was a standout selection for The Luxury Closet’s first global campaign, featuring celebrity interviews right from their closets.

The reality television star partnered with the high-end shopping platform to showcase the designer gemstones in her wardrobe and gave PEOPLE an exclusive look at her most prized fashion possessions — with a few handy organization tips thrown into the mix.

Read on for how the Bravolebrity sorts her colorful designer collection and the one item you’d be surprised to find.

Courtesy of The Luxury Closet

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How is your closet organized? By color? By season? Take us through your organization process.

“My closet is usually set by color and I have different sections for my tops and tees, jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts, etc.

As for the house I’m living in now I keep it seasonal, like during the winters I have all the warm clothes taken out and summer-wear goes in and vice versa. But in my new house I have closet space for all my seasonal clothes.”

We see so many colors in your closet — what are your favorite colors to wear and why?

“My favorite colors are pink — I mean every girl does and I’m a Barbie girl — green and yellow are such happy bright colors and blue, as it matches my eyes, but in general, I love almost all colors as they make me happy.”

What do you have the most of in your closet?

“The most I have are jeans, as I am casual at heart, but I’m slowly trying to get myself out of it. And yes, I’m obsessed with sunglasses.”

Is there anything in your luxury closet that people might be surprised by?

“Yes, my Judith Leiber handbag. Love it as it’s so unique.”

What was the first luxury purchase you ever made for yourself?

“A Birkin bag.”

Describe your personal style in three words.

“Casual, comfy, cool.”

You have quite the collection of handbags — which ones do you find yourself using most often?

“Majorly depends on my outfit, but mostly my Birkin, as it goes with every outfit.”

What’s your go-to shoe on a day-to-day basis?

“My own shoe line — Black Suede Studio — and it would be the Bella collection (love all the colors).”

What’s on your holiday wish list this year?

“Unique furniture, as I’m building my own house at the moment.”

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