Gobernadora de NY anuncia viaje a Israel e inversión en startup israeli

Enlace Judío.- The governor of the state of New York, Kathy Hochul, announced on Monday an upcoming trip to Israel and the state financing of an Israeli startup, informed The Times of Israel.

La gobernadora Kathy Hochul He will visit the Jewish state for the first time in cargo and promise $ 1 million for the electric vehicle cargo company Zooz Power.

“No anuncio ninguna fecha, pero voy a ir”, dijo, llamando a Israel “un unique place that doesn’t look like any other on this planet”.

“Creo que Israel es extraordinario”, he said, “but also the opportunities I see as a governor are extraordinary”.

El viaje será el primero de Hochul a Israel como gobernadora She planned a previous visit while she was serving as vice governor, but canceled it after taking office last year when her predecessor, Andrew Cuomorenunció en medio de accusaciones de coso sexual.

Hochul hizo la declaración en una conference del Jerusalem Post in the city of New York together with the mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lionand the consul general of Israel in New York, Asaf Zamir. Minister of Defense Benny Gantzthe Minister of Communication, Yoaz Handeland the President of the World Jewish Congress, Ron Lauderthey also talked in the event.

Hochul he said Zooz Poweruna empresa con sede en Israel que ha desarrollado un sistema rápido de carga de vehículos eléctricos, ganó un Desafío de Innovación de Energía Inteligente Nueva York-Israel Valorado en $ 1 million.

The award will allow the state to associate with Zooz Power to promote the clean energy objectives of New York.

“La collaboration de Nueva York con el estado de Israela center of innovative technologies of clean energy, will provide solutions with a vision of the future that will strengthen the infrastructure of electric vehicles in New York”, he said. Hochul.

Illustration that shows the interior of a Zoozter-100 EV charging unit. (Potencia Zooz)

New York and Israel son importantes socios comerciales Una encuesta de 2018 estimó que las empresas fundadas en Israel They generated more than $18 billion for the state Nueva York This year, it represents 2% of the state’s GDP. Israeli Mapped in NYwhich monitors Israeli companies in New York, has 293 Israeli startups in the state.

Hochuldemocrata, compete contra Lee Zeldinun republican que es judío, en la carrera para gobernador del estado. Hochul tiene una vantagea fuerte pero no insuperable sobre Zeldin before the elections of November 8 Ella busca su primer mandato completo en el cargo después de asumir el cargo cuando Cuomo resigned last year

Nueva York es el hogar de la población judía más grande fuera de Israely Hochul es una firme partidaria de las comunidades judías del estado y de Israel.

En el evento del lunes, he highlighted his efforts to combat the crimes of antisemitism, which have been fired in Nueva York in the last years The authorities have been under pressure to take the attacks more seriously, particularly through the reform of the laws of freedom under bail, which often release delinquents without going to prison.

Ilustrativo: New York Jews in front of a police car in Brooklyn, New York, September 15, 2021. (Luke Tress/Times of Israel)

“The increase in antisemitism is a deep and personal concern for me as a human being and leader of this state,” he said Hochul. “We have worked very hard to reduce those numbers and ensure that our victims have support”.

No se refirió al masivo sistema escolar de yeshiva del estado, que ha sido un punto focal de controversia en los ultimos días. The Junta de Regentes, which supervises state education, approved on Monday a legislation that aims to boost secular education and supervision in yeshivot. It is hoped that the legislation will gain the final approval on Tuesday.

Sunday, The New York Times published a high-profile investigation on the yeshivot that showed a terrible secular education in the schools, hundreds of millions in public funds for the system and physical punishments of the students in some places.

El alcalde de la ciudad de Nueva York, Eric Adams, said on Monday that “he was not concerned” about the academics of the system and confirmed that an investigation was being carried out on the yeshivot.

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