‘Govindas’ participating in a Dahi Handi festival to get insurance cover

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  • Any Govinda who unfortunately loses his life, the immediate family members will get Rs 10 lakh
  • If a Govinda suffers injuries and needs hospitalisation, a cover of Rs 1 lakh will be provided
Mumbai: After a restriction on festivals for two years owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, preparations are now in full swing for the upcoming festivities like Dahi Handi and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Maharashtra Government is expected to give its nod to celebrate Dahi Handi festival on August 19 without any restrictions. The excitement amongst Govinda pathaks (groups) is immense with many groups starting their practice to form human pyramids two to three months in advance.

While Dahi Handi festival adds color and joy to Mumbai’s cultural festivities, there are many Govindas who suffer injuries while forming human pyramids. Dahi Handi festival has also been a power show for many political leaders from across party lines particularly in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai belt.
This year, political parties have come forward with a welcome initiative to provide medical insurance to ‘Govindas’ participating in Dahi Handi. The BJP and MNS have introduced free insurance for Govindas. The BJP has announced Rs 10 lakh insurance cover for Govindas.
“The Govindas raise the pride of Mumbaikars by forming sky-high human pyramids during Dahi Handi festival. The whole of Mumbai is glued to the efforts of these Govindas. But unfortunately, every year many Govindas suffer serious injuries or lose their lives during the festival. Nobody pays any attention to the sufferings of these Govindas or the family members. BJP under the leadership of Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis has decided to pay attention to these Govindas by announcing an insurance cover. Now, we can celebrate our Dahi Handi festival with more fervor,” BJP leader Ameet Satam tweeted.

The MNS, which has always aggressively rooted for Dahi Handi and Ganpati celebrations, will be giving insurance cover of Rs 100 crore for 1000 Govindas for free. The decision was announced via a tweet by MNS leader Gajanan Kale and the party will be starting registration from August 15 for the same. According to this insurance cover, any Govinda who unfortunately loses his life, the immediate family members will get Rs 10 lakh and if a Govinda suffers injuries and needs hospitalization, a cover of Rs 1 lakh will be provided.


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