Green-House creates universes of plants and synthesizers

California has always had a great scene of ambient music, especially in Los Angeles. Tierra de desiertos psicodélicos y playas siempre veraniegas; cultural capital during el hippisimo en los sesentas y cuna de artistas new age en los setentas; the history of the city is intertwined with the life of numerous musicians attracted by the exploration of soft textures and slow tempos.

El último tiempo no fue la excepción, y artistas como Green-House keep alive the flame of the musical genre like an aromatic sail. Olive Ardizoni’s project has become a reference within the ambient scene on the west coast since he published his first disco, Six Songs for Invisible Gardens in 2020 through Leaving Records, sello discográfico cómplice del actual resurgimiento en la música new age (they published artists like Francesca Heart, John Carroll Kirby and Laraaji).

There is nostalgia in the sound of Green-House, not melancholy but retro, influenced by trabajos como Plantation y en los experimentos by Wendy Carlos and Raymond Scott. Of course, Ardizoni’s approach is more amiable, in fact in his interviews he talks about sweetness and diversion as the main emotions he seeks to generate with his music. For this use a colorful fan of synthesizers, the main support of his sound together with some field recordings captured in the natural surroundings of his citycomo el canto de los pájaros a la mañana o las olas rompiendo contra la playa.

The vegetable world also occupies a central space in his music, as a source of inspiration and dedication in all the titles of his albums and songs. Est frondoso camino la leva a su primer LP, Music for Living Spaces, publicado en 2021, trabajo que confirmó su lugar en la escena de ambient. It is a work inspired by our relationship with plants, en lo que podemos aprender conviviendo con ellas, cuidándolas un poco todos los días y seguiando sus ciclos de vida.

While his debut had been a work of minimalism and lo-fi textures, his latest work is to draw bigger melodies, with a clean production that carries the lines of the front synthesizer. The music of synthetizers is associated with the skill of virtuoso keyboardists, but el verdadero talento de Green-House es su sensibilidad para proteger la delicadeza y apparente simpleza de su composiciones. A veces menos es más, un consejo utilis tanto para el riego de una suculenta como para crear música as comfortante como esta.

Listen to it Green-House on streaming platforms (Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music).

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