Green light for Glasson hotel revamp but on-site “owner’s house” is turned down

The Glasson Lakehouse hotel.

A multi-million euro revamp of the Glasson Lakehouse hotel has been granted retention and planning approval by Westmeath County Council, but a proposal to build a five-bedroom “owner’s house” at the site has been turned down.

In a decision which was signed off on Monday of this week, the local authority approved a wide range of redevelopment works at the Lough Ree-adjacent hotel.

Developments at the hotel which have been granted conditional retention or planning permission include the development of 24 “eco cabins” on stilts; a seven-bedroom hotel extension; a two-storey gymnasium; and a new single-storey banqueting room and terrace.

In addition, a 12-meter outdoor heated swimming pool; a new timber prefab to be used as a golf club reception area; and a 197-square meter “barbecue pavilion” were also approved, among other works, subject to certain conditions.

The hotel, previously known as the Glasson Country House Hotel and Golf Club, was purchased by developer Paddy McKillen Jr’s Oakmount company in 2019.

As part of its planning bid, permission was sought for a 5-bedroom, 428 square meter “owner’s house” with terraces and rooflights, and with an access road, swimming pool, dedicated waste treatment plant and associated landscaping.

The council has refused permission for the owner’s house, telling Glasson Golf and Country Club Ltd, care of Manahan Planners in Dublin, that the decision could be appealed to An Bord Pleanála within the next four weeks.

* For more, see next week’s Westmeath Independent

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