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It is difficult to find recent records in which an artist opens the channel as it seems he will do Harry Styles en Harry’s house. At least that’s clear from the first business card of this album, As it wasand the words of the musician himself who is offering the first promotional interviews about this LP.

In one of them, with the magazine Better Homes and gardensthe Briton has not only opened the doors of his home and garden to millions of his fans but also his heart to show that intimate facet that takes him away from the untouchable international star halo with which he grew his musical career despite having barely 28 years old.

With just under a month to go to stores around the world and major streaming platforms, his “most intimate record by far” created in the midst of the pandemic that ravaged the world.

“I think we all go through a great time of self-reflection, of looking at our navels and I don’t know if there’s anything more introspective than making a studio album. It’s so immersive (…). There you realize that that feeling of home “It’s not something you get from a house; it’s an internal thing to have your own space in your head and mental well-being. You realize that when you stop for a minute.”

So far we have only been able to hear As it was (in which we hear his nephew’s voice and in which there are continuous personal references), Boyfriends and Late night talking (which premiered at the last Coachella 2022 festival): “It sounds like the biggest and funniest, but it’s by far the most intimate (…). It doesn’t look like my life is going to end if this album isn’t a commercial success.”

Harry Styles says during the interview with Better Homes and Gardes that when One Direction announced his indefinite break, he was clear that he wanted to make music that he would feel comfortable with before, during and after: “I just want to do things that are good, that are fun. “In terms of the process, of which I can be proud for a long time. Of which my friends can be proud, of which my family can be proud, of which my children will one day be proud.”

His condition and his sexual freedom, his state of life and much more are other topics that the Englishman touches on in this report in which he assures that he came to feel really pressured by fame.

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