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Haya Real Estate has sold a selection of more than 2,600 coins with discounts up to 30% in vivindndas, garages and traces, commercial locations, offices and industrial premises.

This is the ultimate category, the company has created a selection of locations, naves and offices in order with just a few months of care, including rent, the guests of community and contributions. More than 2,600 coins were collected mainly from provincial capitals, cities and small publications.

In the Valencian community, 800 units were reported from 450 in Alicante, 230 in Valencia and 125 in Castellón; Andalucía se offers 475 emubles and offers from the centers in the provinces of Granada and Almería, with 150 and 135 emubles in this campaign; and in Catalunya present 365 emubles with desk, of those 130 in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona having 95 and Lleida 80.

Offers in the Valencian Community

Enter the offerings in the province of Alicante to create a uniform uniform of the three dormitories, ubicada en Formentera del Segura, with a precise campaign of 85,200 euros (113,559 euros). And in Almoradí, a piece of two dormitories sold for 44,500 euros (before 55,600). Ya en Altea, a metros del mar, an apartment of two dormitories, located in a residential area with communal zones with piscina, sold for 203,000 euros (270,500 euros), with garage and plastered incl.

In Valencia there is a peso in Gandía, with two dormitories, which offers a price of 62,900 euros (before 86,347 euros), with a garage and plaza included in the precinct, and a local commercial ubiquitous in La Puebla de Vallbona 620 euros per month, refusing to spend 4 months including rent, the IBI and the community members who correspond.

In the province of Castellón, he offers a piece of dormitory in Villa-Real for 109,500 euros (antes) 130,300. And in the capital of the province there were two dormitories with a precision of 93,200 euros (124,300), with garage plazas and traces included in the precision.

Offers in Andalucia

In Granada, in the municipality of Cijuela, there was a dormitory of two dormitories for 40,700 euros (49,200), with garage and tractor included. And at the end of the day three dormitories were sold for 47,200 euros (59,300). In the municipality of Loja, a piece of dormitory with a precision of 32,200 euros (before 39,300).

In the province of Almería, we found a dormitory of two dormitories in El Ejido, at 44,100 euros, while costing approximately 51,840 euros. And in the city of Almería, we set up a local commercial at 475 euros per month, with several months of care, including rent, the IBI and the community of correspondents.

Offices in Catalunya

In Barcelona, ​​in the municipality of Vallbona, there is a duplex of several dormitories which is worth 125,000 euros (172,000 euros). And in El Prat de Llobregat a centric local commercial with more than 130 meters, received an average of 1,250 euros per month, with 4 months of care including rent, the IBI and the community of correspondents.

In the province of Tarragona, he offered a piece of dormitory in the municipality of Mora d’Ebre. Ubicado en un residencial con zonas comunes y piscina, a precise de 48,900 euros, (antes costaba 53.000). Here in the city of Tarragona, a local commercial at an estimated price of 2,230 euros per month, with 6 months of care, including rent, the IBI and the community that corresponds.

Finally, in Lleida, there was a piece of dormitory in Solsona, sold for 39,000 euros from 47,835 euros which was just like the previous one. And in the municipality of Bellpuig, a local commercial, more than 170 meters away, at an average of 1,025 euros per month, with 4 months of care, including rent, the IBI and the communicators who correspond.


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