How Billionaire Michael Jordan got out of a speeding ticket despite clocking 150mph

Michael Jordan is basketball’s biggest name, and his reputation was so great that he was even immune to police officers.

The Bulls legend has accomplished what NBA players dream of doing in his career. Six championships, six Finals MVP’s, five NBA MVP’s, an obvious Hall of Fame induction, and much more have cemented Jordan’s legacy as the greatest NBA player of all time.

So, why was his career so confusing? Well, he retired three times in his career, to give you some context. If that sounds weird to you, that’s because it is. His first retirement was by far the most surprising as it came only nine years into his career, and he had just started to win at the highest level, coming off of his first three-peat.

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Michael Jordan avoided a speeding ticket at 150 mph

Charles Oakley was one of MJ’s biggest rivals and also one of his closest friends. They played together for both the Bulls and Wizards, and they were also rivals when Oakley was part of the New York Knicks.

In Oakley’s book, The Last Enforcer,” he shared a story of how Jordan’s massive reputation was enough to get him off a speeding ticket.

“We just always go places together, so we were cruising on the highway doing about 110, 120. You could tell when somebody was catching up on you, so the car was getting close to us, we just took off doing about 140, 150. Next thing we know, about 2 miles up the road about 20 police cars, and they had a roadblock for us. And we stopped and got out… ‘Oh, Mr. Jordan! We’re sorry; Just slow it down, we’ll see you next week.’”

Jordan was wildly popular during his playing days. In a time when there wasn’t social media, Jordan created a global reputation that nobody could match. It’s this reputation that allowed him to get away with speeding. However, he did tone the car down to about 90 mph after being caught.

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