How Much Does It Cost To Charge a Tesla on a Road Trip?

Looking to take your new Tesla EV on a trip? Taking your electric car on a road trip might seem impossible, but it isn’t that hard. How much it costs to charge a Tesla on a road trip depends on many factors. Before hopping in your Model S Plaid and hitting the road this holiday season, check out some helpful tools to help calculate the costs of taking your Tesla on a road trip.

The cost to charge a Tesla on a road trip varies a lot

You will want to know all of the details of your electric vehicle to find out. You can use a tool like A Better Route Planner to help plot your route before heading off. For instance, if you take your 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range from Orlando, Florida, to Denver, Colorado, you will need to charge for 3.33 hours along the way. That is just over 1,860 miles or 27 hours and 59 minutes of travel.

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