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Now that Christmas is just around the corner and you’re in the process of decorating the house, you might want to give it the same touch to your computer desk with Windows 11. Apart from setting a wallpaper, you can make a buena nevada fall by means of an animation that will surely be the envy of your friends. We tell you how to achieve this.

By default, Microsoft’s operating system does not offer any options that allow you to see one Nevada on your computer screen (either desktop or portable). Therefore, you must resort to a third-party application. In our case, we believe it is the best DesktopSnow OK que, entre sus virtudes, tiene la de ser completamente free. In addition, we have used it and can confirm that it works well and does not generate any problems in Windows 11.

Have snow on your computer with Windows 11 for free

In the software that you are going to download, there are many configuration options. Estas van desde elegir entre una great variety of cups so that the snow is more or less intense, and additional options such as the speed of the fall. What you have to do to achieve the objective we have talked about, is to perform the following steps:

  • Download the application free of charge using this link from your computer with Windows 11 (does not work with macOS).
  • Now you must go to the folder in which you have downloaded and extract the contents of the ZIP file that you have obtained. Press the right mouse button and select Extract all (you must indicate a place to store the information).

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  • Now, you must go to the place where you have the application already uncompressed and you must click twice with the mouse on the file DesktopSnowOK_x64.exe. A new window will open in which you will see all the software options.
  • You can modify the options to find out which one best suits your taste. But, for it to start nevar, you must mark the Activate / Deactivate box (have the same thing to stop it from nevar).
  • You will see the cups falling on the computer screen.

Como ves, todo es muy simple And, the truth is that for those who like a lot of everything that has to do with Christmas, this is a free application, for sure, that they will love to use it with the computer – as long as it has the Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft, of course.


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