Huawei, winner of the “NGO Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” award and the only one to receive the “Leader” title

BARCELONA, Spain, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As a world leader in the field of optical networks, Huawei is committed to boosting the development of the industry through technological innovations. Recently, the company has received a series of recognitions and awards, which highlight the solidity and capacity of the totally optical autonomous driving solution (ADN) and its main component, the iMaster NCE.

Huawei’s iMaster NCE receives the Leader title in the GlobalData report

According to the publication WAN SDN Controller: Competitive Landscape Assessment published by GlobalData in 2022, Huawei’s iMaster NCE occupies the first place in four categories at the world level and has won the unique title of “Leader” for improving the capabilities of a series of solutions.

In this competitive analysis, GlobalData has evaluated and analyzed the WAN SDN solution and proposed that it be centered on automation. This report has categorized and analyzed the eight main global suppliers in six dimensions (product coverage, opening, performance, main components of the system, amplitude of the solution and preparation of the implementation) and five levels (Leader, Very Strong, Strong, Competitive and Vulnerable). The main competitiveness of iMaster NCE de Huawei, which occupies the prime position, includes the following three aspects:

Premio Best New Gamechanger or Innovation Award received en el evento NGO Forum

Huawei won the Best New Gamechanger or Innovation award at the NGO Forum 2022 event Barcelona, España, el 23 de junio. This award is a recognition of continuous innovation and integral solutions from Huawei in the field of optical networks.

The NGO Forum event has always been a connection with the ecosystem of the industry. The NGO Forum event is an important platform for equipment suppliers, operators, standards organizations and industry partners worldwide, as it allows the main organizations to share industry trends, technological innovations and commercial successes more recentes. Huawei has been present in the sector of optical networks for many years with the commitment to boost the development of the industry through technological innovations without ceasing to be a world leader. In this forum, Huawei presented the totally optical autonomous driving system (ADN), a solution for specific scenarios in the field of totally optical networks that allows the continuous autonomy of optical networks and the transformation of digital and intelligent networks.

The all-optical ADN solution has the iMaster NCE as its main component and provides high-quality use cases, such as ensuring good operation of the optical network, intelligent detection of shared cables and intelligent alarm compression to facilitate efficient O&M de las redes ópticas y proparicar aseguramiento determinístico para connexions de calidad. In addition, Huawei’s premium private line solution in the field of optical networks paves the way for the update of OTN P2MP (point to multipoint). This solution is found in commercial use in many parts of the world and is helping operators build high-quality private optical lines, improve service quality and generate promising income.

Chu Taopresident of Redes Óptica de Huawei, says: “Huawei will strive to realize strategic investments and technological innovations in the field of totally optical ADNs, which will help operators build fully automated, self-recovery, self-optimizing and autonomous optical networks, así como a proporcarin connexiones de calidad a cada hogar y empresa”.

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