Hurling fan scammed out of money for All-Ireland final tickets last year

A hurling fan who was hoping to get to last year’s All-Ireland Final spent €240 online for two tickets that were advertised for sale but it turned out to be a scam.

Now at Cork District Court, Ian O’Sullivan, who faced sentencing for the crime has brought €240 to court to compensate the man who was conned.

Ian O’Sullivan pleaded guilty to theft by deception arising out of the incident in August 2021.

The injured party agreed to send €240 to the seller of tickets for the Limerick V Cork final. The money went to Ian O’Sullivan’s accounts but unfortunately for the purchaser there were no tickets.

Gardaí investigated the matter and traced the payment to the defendant’s bank account.

The defendant had previous convictions of a similar nature.

Joseph Cuddigan said of Ian O’Sullivan of Cherry Lawn, Church Road, Blackrock, Cork:

“He is an unusual man. It is a taker but he is also a giver as well. He is the person who started Gamblers Anonymous in Cork Prison which is ongoing to this day. And it was set up back in 2016.”

Mr Cuddigan said the defendant’s own addiction to gambling gave him a deep insight into the issue, making him an ideal person to help others.

The defendant, who is aged 40, is keen to continue in education and Judge Marian O’Leary adjourned sentencing in this case to see what progress he makes.

Sentencing was adjourned at Cork District Court until December 19.


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