“I Mean, He’d Like To”: Billionaire Donald Trump Revealed Tom Brady’s Actual Intentions Towards His Daughter And Brady’s Former Rumored Love Interest Ivanka Trump

The Donald Trump-Tom Brady harmony became notoriously famous. The NFL GOAT became a subject of divisive opinions by the American audience. One of the most publicized friendships came to a rocky end after Brady distanced himself from Trump after joining politics. The friendship has its own set of rumbles. One of them also includes TB12 having a legitimate interest in Ivanka Trump.

Tom Brady and Donald Trump were good friends in the early 2000s, and both have been open about it. Both entities complemented each other and attended exhibits together. Given his super-stardom, TB12 has a solid reputation among celebrities and high-profile individuals. Nevertheless, it would be his bond with Trump, which managed to grab headlines back in time.


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When Donald Trump and Tom Brady had a good companionship, multiple rumors regarding Trump wanting Tom and Ivanka to tie the knot came up. But TB12 insisted on nothing as of such took place. Although, back in January 2004, the former president stated that Brady was open to dating Ivanka Trump.

Donald Trump states Ivanka cannot date anyone while appearing on The Howard Stern Show. However, he would be happy if his daughter started dating Tom Brady. When Host Stern asked whether Brady would date her, Trump’s remark caught everyone off guard.

As per New York Magazine, the business mogul mentions, “Well, it could happen. I mean, he’d like to, and we’ll see.” Donald also calls that Tom was “focused now on the football stuff.” Undeniably, Tom had a winner’s mindset and was all into the game. Donald Trump tried every arrow in cupid’s quiver, but it didn’t work for Ivanka and Tom.

Tom Brady and Ivanka Trump eventually became neighbors

Tom Brady and Ivanka Trump have had very different life experiences over the last 16 years. However, they could eventually discover themselves in the same community space by becoming neighbors in Miami. As per The Mercury NewsThe Brady and the Trump-Kushner families may soon be living next door to each other on the posh Indian Creek Island in Miami, Florida.


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The Indian Creek Island, also known as the Billionaire Bunker, is a gated community in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. The island’s center features an 18-hole golf course and plenty of privacy. It also has a personal 13-person security force, and access to the island is only via a bridge with a shielded guardhouse. According to reportsthe Bradys bought a $17 million property on the island and are restructuring it.


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Eventually, Tom and Ivanka will become neighbors — It is a small world, after all.

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