I’m a mum and have saved SO much money & time with a simple kids snack hack to make the summer holidays a bit easier

ANY parent will know the expense of keeping kids full during the summer holidays.

But one mum has come up with a genius hack to save her both time and money – and ensure her children are happy.


One mum has come up with a genius hack to save time and money on kids snacks during the summer holidaysCredit: TikTok
Once buying bags of sweets, she decants them into little tubs for her kids


Once buying bags of sweets, she decants them into little tubs for her kidsCredit: TikTok

She took to TikTok to explain that every time she buys a bag of sweets for her kids, she then decants them into small tubs.

“The amount of money I have saved is unbelievable, seriously, doing this,” she began.

Holding up a large bag of sweets, she said: “So the bags, the normal bags like these, I can make into six or seven (snack pots).”

And her kids are kept happy because “when you give them the tub, it’s full, the tub is actually full, so to them they’ve got a full thing”.

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Admitting she only started using the snack hack a week ago, she added that she’s already “saved an as**t tonne of money”.

“Because every time we go to the shop and I let them have something, it’s costing me an absolute fortune,” she sighed.

And of her hack, she boasted: “It’s just genius.”

She’s not the only parent to have come up with a snack hack to employ during the lengthy six-week summer holidays.

Jodie Keith, who is from the UK, took to TikTok and shared a short video which shows a sticky yellow note with the time 4.30 written on it, which is the ‘allowed’ snack time.

She then places it directly above the digital clock on the oven.

In the clip, the mum-of-two explains: “Mum tip – if your kid doesn’t stop nagging you for a snack all the time, then make a snack timer.”

She continues: “Write the time down, stick it next to a clock they can see and then my son just comes and goes to see if the numbers match.”

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“It’s great for number recognition and understanding the value of time, too.”

Jodie captioned the post: “We call it the ‘ice cream timer.'”

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