Inspire Awards: Chance to enter the Business of the Year award

ORGANIZERS of the Inspire Business Awards are looking for the very best of business in north Hampshire.

The Business of the Year Award is a huge accolade and its just one of the trophies to be handed out in the awards, which celebrate businesses across the area.

The category is open to companies with a turnover of more than £1million and winners could be from any sector. It looks at commercial success and management, future planning and strategy.

The award is sponsored by Absolutely Offices. Managing director Beryl Huntingdon said: “Cracking the £1million turnover is a huge milestone for all businesses, and these businesses are central to the success of north Hampshire, this award is about celebrating the best business practices and achievements – businesses that are the standard bearers for commercial success with exemplary ethics and are continuing to grow. Absolutely Offices are delighted to work with Destination Basingstoke and continue to sponsor the awards in 2022.”

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Absolutely Offices are used to working with businesses of all types and will be looking at a number of different factors for businesses both with an established turnover over £1million and for businesses that have only recently achieved the £1million milestone.

For new businesses to this category, judges will look at how businesses have made the transition from smaller operations and what processes and changes they have made to enable them to sustain their growth in the long-term.

For those existing larger businesses, it will be how they have managed to develop and sustain all aspects of their business in north Hampshire, successfully navigating the challenges, along with identifying what makes them a good all-round business and the different measures they have used to retain staff and customers as well as their future ambitions.

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The Inspire Business Awards are organized on behalf of the business sponsors by Destination Basingstoke and are open to any businesses in north Hampshire.

To enter for free, go to

The closing date is October 31 and the awards evening will be held in February 2023.

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