Interactive Cares to organize ‘Idea Innovation 3.0’

Interactive Cares, an ed-tech start-up, will launch the third iteration of its flagship event, “Idea Innovation 3.0”.

The country’s one-stop virtual ed-tech platform Interactive Cares works for creating employability through courses, career paths and learning paths. This platform provides assistance in developing skills, advancing in the academic sector, building careers and overall growth in professionals. To reach one of the goals of the company, Interactive Cares has launched the event “Idea Innovation 3.0”, said a press release.

The initial two ventures brought a plethora of success by engaging over 3 thousand participants. The previous two events had an audience of 0.7 million. Winners were given opportunities to pitch their idea to the judges and they had all sorts of technical support and training from Interactive Cares.

This year with the same hope for creating employability, the competition will be huge and the event will be a grand one. The motto of this year’s event is Sustainability through Innovation.

When asked, Interactive Cares founder and CEO Rare Al Samir said, “This event is sent off to urge the youthful business people to improve their entrepreneurial abilities which can assist our country with building a more solid economy in the forthcoming future.”

“In this era of fastest growing tech and economy, with a vision to create more and more opportunities and to build a sustainable future, ‘Idea Innovation 3.0’ is taken by Interactive Cares. Moreover, this grand event will bring numerous fresh business ideas for the new upcoming business days” said Jamila Bupasha Khushbu, the Co-founder and COO of the company.

In this competition, there will be a prize pool of Tk1,00,000. The idea that will fit best and most feasible among all the ideas will be rewarded with Tk50,000, the runner-up will get Tk30,000 and the second runner up will be awarded with Tk20,000.

Moreover, winners will be getting publication opening and training opportunities. This whole event will consist of twelve training sessions. In these sessions, contestants will be given training by entrepreneurs, businessmen and many more famous personnel. There will be bootcamps to train the contestants. From team building to marketing to fund raising – each and every step of an entrepreneurial journey will be discussed in these sessions which will help the contestants have a greater view of their ideas.

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