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The seventh version of the summit organized by ProColombia, which will be held from Wednesday, October 20th, and until the next Tuesday, 26th, will focus on economic reactivation and sustainability, as well as the role of the inversion foreign como pilar de desarrollo y competitividad del país.

Colombia will present a portfolio with more than 150 projects with the potential to receive investment in sectors such as renewable energies and agroindustry, industries 4.0, chemicals and life sciences, tourism, manufacturing and infrastructure.

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El Colombia Investment Summit busca congregar a más de 1.000 participants y más de 300 empresas multinationales provenientes de Europa, Asia, Latinoamérica y Norteamérica.

We have very high expectations for this new business meeting and we are sure that, as in the previous versions, it will be an event that will contribute positively to the economic reactivation of the country and will boost the attraction of new foreign investment with a focus on sustainability. de negocio en bioeconomía y biodiversidad. We hope that the 150 projects that will be presented can attract US$8 billion in foreign investment for the country in the short and medium term.“, assured Flavia Santoro, presidenta de ProColombia.

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During the summit, there will be an academic agenda headed by the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, several of the ministers of the National Government (among those who stand out are the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana, and the Minister of Hacienda , José Manuel Restrepo), the president of Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina – CAF, Sergio Díaz-Granados, among others, as well as directors of governmental entities, international personalities and senior executives of national and foreign companies interested in Establish business in Colombia o aprovechar el país como platforma exportadora.

Santoro added that the growth of foreign investment, as well as the recent announcements of new investments, are a reflection of the economic reactivation of the country and the confianza a largo plazo de los inversionistas del mundo en el país

According to ProColombia, in the last three years, from August 2018 to September 2021, the entity has accompanied the arrival of 609 projects whose development and implementation represent investments of more than US$ 26.142 million and proyecciones de crear más de 271.000 empleos in 25 departments of the country.

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To the number of projects, the recent investment announcements presented by President Duque, achieved in the framework of the official visits to Spain, the United States and Brazil, and which in total amount to more than US$ 6.000 million will be added to the project. country during the next two and three years.

ProColombia also works in the promotion of the strategy called Friendshoring, with which they have managed to concretize 49 investment announcements from 20 countries, among them the United States, Chile, China, Mexico, Reino Unido, Peru, Germany, France, Uruguay, Canada, Switzerland, India and Japan, which have started 49 investment projects estimated at US$848 million.



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