IRA changed to IRN after World Cup coverage blunders

RTÉ and BBC have made the decision to abbreviate the Iranian team to IRN after a series of high-profile gaffes.

RTÉ and BBC have made the decision to abbreviate the team to IRN after a series of high-profile blunders.

The issue first made headlines when the popular Fifa 23 video game used a logo that said ‘IRA’ for the Iranian team.

“How did no one clock this?” one Fifa fan said, posting a screenshot of the logo.

Later, former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams spotted another blunder from RTÉ. — Gerry Adams (@GerryAdamsSF) November 18, 2022

He poked fun at RTÉ’s match fixture list as it made the same mistake by abbreviating the game between England and Iran to “ENG v IRA.”

The TV coverage of the World Cup matches on both RTÉ and BBC now use ‘IRN’ instead of ‘IRA’ for their scoreboards.

FIFA 23 is a popular footballing video game that recently released new updates to celebrate the Qatar World Cup.

All the qualifying teams and stadiums were added to the games, with each nation receiving a simple special crest featuring the first three letters of each team name.

Unfortunately, the abbreviation for Iran appeared too similar to that of the IRA.

It is not the first time the nation was linked to the republican movement, as in the height of the Troubles the street where the British embassy is situated in Tehran was renamed ‘Bobby Sands Street.’

The embassy had to change the entrance location to the opposite side of the building so as to avoid arriving through a door on a road dedicated to an IRA hunger striker.

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