Irish job vacancies stabilize amid economic uncertainty

Job vacancies rose 15pc in the second quarter of the year, compared to the same period in 2021.

his marked a decline from the first quarter of the year where job vacancies rose by 44pc compared to the year prior.

The latest report from also revealed an11pc growth in the number of jobs posted last quarter offering remote work.

Jobs available in hotel and catering are up 61pc year-on-year as industries most impacted by Covid restrictions continue to struggle to find staff.

Chefs were particularly in demand, with vacancies up 36pc in the quarter and by almost half a year-on-year.

Advertisements for jobs in tourism, travel and airlines soared in the second quarter of the year, increasing by 107pc compared to the same period last year. Vacancies in these sectors were up 15pc compared to last quarter. reported that of the 30 sectors analyzed in the company’s report, 20 posted year-on-year increases in the number of vacancies last quarter. This was a slight decline from the 22 which posted year-on-year increases in the first quarter of 2022. said this pointed to a continuing stabilization of the jobs market in Ireland following an “acceleration in demand” during the pandemic.

Job vacancies in IT dropped 12pc year-on-year, while new job advertisements for science, pharma and food also decreased by 9pc compared to 2022.

Roles in banking and financial services grew at a steady rate last quarter, up 9pc compared to the same quarter in 2021. This was attributed to banks filling the hiring gap as KBC and Ulster Bank prepare to exit the market.

“With economic and geopolitical uncertainty dominating today’s news agenda, it’s clear that employers are becoming more cautious when it comes to expansion in order to counteract the effects of rising inflation, while others are simply responding to a decreased need for services in the wake of the pandemic, ”said Jane Lorigan, chief executive of parent company Saongroup.

“That said, the overall volume of jobs available remains high, with a number of industries, including tourism, travel and hospitality, still trying to recover staff numbers, as well documented in the media, following the impact of public health restrictions over the last two years. ”

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