Jerónimo Gónzález, Catedrático, en la Silver Economy de Zamora

El exercise físico since young is fundamental to improve the expectations of vidaque pueden llegar a los hundred years no tardando, aunque hay aspects, como la attention a los mayores en las residences, donde falta even llegar a la excellence. Son reflectiones del Catedrático de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de Burgos Jerónimo Gonzálezmoderator of the table of Pathologías de la Tercera Edad en el Congreso Silver Economy.

–¿Aging and health problems in the United States?

-La edad is la edad, es inevitable. We cannot have less years, there is no vaccine for that. However, it is very different to have more or less years in terms of physical exercise and diet, as is known. It is true that the older you get, the cells are altered and the appearance of some type of disease is more possible. But they are working on diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, all the dementias that are advancing in some way or the same cancers that appear more with the elderly.

– It is true that there is an increase in life expectancy.

– The life expectancy in Spain is 86 years or less (there are differences between men and women), but I think it is possible to think about a slightly longer life expectancy. The concept of expectation is the age at which the majority of the population born in a certain year is expected to arrive. The expectation of life increases two and a half years every ten years and now it will reach one hundred years soon and one hundred healthy years. No está tan mal esta idea y es en lo que hay que trabajar.

-¿De qué manera logramos llegar a tan viejos?

-Modelando desde jóvenes. Llegar a viejos is a thing that we want to do all in the best possible conditions, but for that we have to start a little earlier. La educación should be more fostered in physical exercise. We have the example of Slovenia, where two out of every three people do physical exercise and now they are the best in the world in many sports with only two million inhabitants. El ejercicio físico always generates benefits.

-¿How does it get to increase the percentage of people who do exercise?

-The institutions have to take awareness of a long-term investment, because in the end, the less sick you are, the less you spend on healthcare. But this is not done. These would be preventive measures. In intervention we improve more each time. Consider that in Spain we have three million people older than 80 years, two of women and one of men. Y tenemos 15.000 centenarios. Es decir, que every time there are more gente mayor. Yes, it’s true that there are many diseases that we’ve managed to chronify, that are maintained there, with certain medications, and they’re advancing much.

-Duramos más años, pero ¿envejecemos mejor?

– Much better. No tienen nada que ver los 50 años de ahora con 50 años de hace un siglo. There is a photo of Alois Alzheimer, precisely, who only lived 50 years and looks like he is 70. humano.

-What are the needs of the elderly?

– In the pandemic, it seemed that there was going to be a change in the attention to the mayors, because many deficiencies were manifested. But in the end there has been no change, lack of excellence in the attention to the mayors in residences and other centers.


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