“Jobs no era is a natural genre”: This is the habit that I want to achieve, according to Steve Wozniak

When talking about Appletoday is the most valuable company in the world, at the gente le viene a la cabeza Steve Jobs en su papel de genio fundador. But, according to his ladder, he came with a very polite sense of what could be more of his part in the official moments for which Apple desperated, this is Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak, now dedicated to Filantropia with its fortunes during the Cupertino empireit is recognized as a genre of informative ya menudo se uea él ‘construía’ y Jobs ‘vendía’ sus poductos.

Pero Wozniak was explored in an entertainment for the portal Make It que su society No one has ever been a marketing guru and communicator: there are habits that Jobs tuvo que desarrollar para compensar el ouch de no ser un ingeniero informatico hambil.

The comic, the basis on which Jobs marked his success

“We learned a lot of the principles of marketing because it was not really easy, when it came to hardware and software information”, says Wozniak about Jobs. “Tuvo que encontrar otras áreas para hacerse importante”.

The year passed, Wozniak began to star in the reality show online Unicorn Hunters, joining the ex-tester of Estados Unidos Rosie Rios and the singer Lance Bass, among others. In the program, él y el resto de los jueces se rentfanan lanzamientos de inversión de fundadores de empresas tecnológicas, and Wozniak dice que veas se “asombra” de la eficacia de la comunicación de algunos empires.

“We have a lot of fun that we can be a bit of a waiter and a jerk, and if we are, we will not help when we present to the inversors,” he said.

The year passed, Wozniak described that when Jobs and él fundaron Apple, the “personalization of Jobs changed” de amigo amante de la diversión a alguien que se tomaba muy en serio la construcción de una empresa que cambiara el mundo. A crucial part of this transformation, said Wozniak, was “Jobs” desarrollar sus [habilidades] de comunicación “.

“Ser’s main comedian and principal responsible company of the cosmos. It’s very good in that”, says Wozniak.

Wozniak says that the jobs of Jobs as a comedian and affiliate help to provide Apple business with the same products as the iPhone as users. The intelligent telephone was something that was applicable to the life of Jobs, says Wozniak: “A technologically advanced product can be found in a man who does not confide in the middle of the world.

It is said that separating the Jobs from the rest of his generation of iconos tecnológicos. In the year 2020, Bill Gates said that he created the “very good” of Jobs by being a natural orador. Gates says that Jobs was “a genius”, all because of the form that could inspire the gente, from the customers until their good wishes.

It was certainly an event that Jobs inspired his emperors to make great things, because it was a notoriously difficult and exhausting experience, to work. The former Apple Guy Kawasaki ex-author wrote in 2019 that working for Jobs “was sometimes desagradable and always had a lot to do, but we took a lot of us a lot to make the best of our carreras.”

Y según Wozniak, Jobs’ no era un comunicador natural. In 2020, Wozniak announced that the implicit impulse of Jobs to be transformed into a communist and leader of the epoch-proof of his desire to be recorded in the last instance as an important historical figure, and that motivates him to reach the end of his life.


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