June 21, 12:30 PM Weather Forecast Update-More Intense Heat & Dry Weather | News

Heat Advisory is up to our northeastern counties, but the heat indices will tend to equal the actual air temperature this afternoon. This is due to low humidity.

Highs today of 95-100 are expected with southwest winds 13-24 mph & abundant sunshine.

Bad air quality will continue through today.

After 75-80 tonight, we’ll see some more in the way of cloudiness tomorrow morning. Mostly it will be mostly cloudy with strongly sinking air.

After we turn more humid tomorrow morning (65-70 dew points), the humidity then drops in the afternoon with dew points in the 50s.

Highs of 91-97 are expected with northeast winds 13-24 mph.


A couple storms are possible Saturday PM & Sunday AM, otherwise the forecast is dry with 88-94 for highs Thursday & Friday (with low humidity & lots of sunshine). Lows will run near 60 to the mid 60s (cools at night due to dry air & clear skies with calm winds).

The more widespread MCS (storm complex) activity should stay northwest & north of our area.

Saturday should feature more humid air & highs 94-99, followed by 87-93 Sunday.

You can see the extreme nature of the heat Saturday, especially in the Plains:


Monday looks sunny with very low humidity, northwest winds & highs 82-88.

We could drop into the comfortable 50s Monday night, as well as Tuesday night.

After that, ALL OF NEXT WEEK LOOKS COMPLETELY DRY. We will also heat up with time.

A tropical system may be in the Gulf of Mexico. Thoughts are that this will tend to impact South Texas with westward movement. Remnants will then tend to move into northern Mexico to New Mexico & Colorado. We will monitor.


We could be back into the 90s by the second half of next week & even pushing 100.

You can see the heat building back northeastward:


Extremely dangerous heat wave for the South is expected next week with temperatures 102-109 & heat indices 110-121.


After a potential storm or two Sunday AM, the next potential of any storms would be July 1 or 2 & even that looks like much with a couple storms possible.

We’ll cool some behind that 80s & 90s rather than 90s to 100.

After that, the potential of a couple storms returns around July 4 with highs well into the 90s to 100.

So, early drought will be started.

We’re likely to see a slightly better potential of storms toward mid-July, then a nice cool-down.

July & August will tend to look like this with temperature anomalies.

The below normal temperatures will occur in the Northern Rockies, Northern Plains & do think this may extend into Colorado & New Mexico.

Above normal temperatures occur overall for the central & eastern US


September trends similar to heat in central & eastern US & possibly the hottest weather of the 2022 warm season over New England.

Cooler weather with early frost will tend to occur in the Northern Plains, Northern Rockies & that may extend into Colorado, Utah & New Mexico.


Our wildcard for appreciable rainfall is the tropics.

Also, we will watch “Ridge Riders” on the periphery of hot upper ridges for rainfall here.

Pattern is overall drier than normal July-August-September.


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