¡Kit Harrington says House of the Dragon fan!

Kit Harrington, actor responsible for Jon Snow’s death in Game of Thrones, shares his opinion regarding the House of the Dragon spin-off.

En 2019 game of thrones llegó a su fin luego de ocho temporadas al aire; y aunque tal conclusion ha sido una de las más debatidas entre fanáticos/as, la serie es hasta ahora tan sólo el principio of a gigantic universe that is about to be explored.

Concluded by Game of Thrones, HBO he started working from hand to hand George RR Martin en la búsqueda nuevas historias let’s go qué mantener a la audiencia dentro de Westerosgiving the result House of the Dragona spin off the prequel of game of thronesbased on the novel Fire & Blood by Martin.

House of the Dragon I am, however, el primero de varios proyectos en la franchise que están en desarrollo, entre los que se cuenta an animated series, a sequel focused on Jon Snowentre otros capítulos con los qué complementar la historia.

Por su lado, House of the Dragon it happens almost 200 years ago de los eventos ocurridos en la serie madre, enfocándose en la entonces casa más powerfules de todo Wester: to the Targaryen family.

Until now, in the series has record roto shot record, in addition to receiving mostly positive reviews and good reception on the part of the audience.

Now in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Kit Harrington, quien interpretó a Jon Snow English game of thronesshared his opinion regarding the series.

An ideal legacy

Kit Harrington estar said “disfrutando mucho la serie”, especially al saber que el showrunner Miguel Sapochnik —quien dirigió el multipremiado episodeo The Battle of the Bastards— se encuentra detrás de la primera temporada.

“I think they are doing a fantastic job. It’s a difficult mission to start with something new in a universe that already exists and I can give it my own identity, but I believe that they have achieved it and I admire them for that.”

Kit Harrington for THR

In the last few weeks, however, it was announced that Miguel Sapochnik will no longer return as showrunner for the second season of the series, although will remain as executive producer from the same

“Working in the Game of Thrones universe for the last few years has been a privilege and an honor. Especialmente, tras pasarlo con el increíble elenco y equipo que hacen posible a House of the Dragon.

Miguel Sapochnik

“I’m proud of what we achieved until now with the first season” commentó al enterarse que la serie había roto multiples récordes tan sólo con sus dos primeros episodios al aire. En cuanto a críticos, until now each episode has been recognized by the specialized press, naming a House of the Dragon “a worthy heir to the Throne of Hierro”.

Kit Harrington House of the Dragon

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