La Casa Agency El Clot sobre la subida de los tipos de interes en el sector real estate

A pesar de que las consecuencias negativas de la pandemia afectaron a diferentes sectors, el mercado realestate español consiguió mantener cierta estabilidad.

However, it is currently facing a new challenge: the rise in interest rates. Before this scenario, the specialists of La Casa Agency El Clot consider that in any case the terrain will continue to be conducive to access to the proper housing.

How has the increase in the interest rates in the real estate market affected?

During the last two years and despite the different complex situations caused by the pandemic in all areas, the real estate sector has remained stable and, even, has experienced improvements with respect to the pre-covid era, being the purchase of real estate one of the Engines of the economic recovery of the country.

If at present the rise in interest rates announced by the Central European Bank and the inflation stage experienced by Spain generate uncertainty in the sector, The specialists are optimistic and confident in a deceleration in the rise in prices. Likewise, they coincide in that una stability is possible beyond the inflationary situation.

In this sense, the commercial director of La Casa Agency El Clot, Jean Paul Cherigny, assures that, although it is estimated that as of these measures, the purchase operations will decrease mainly due to the caution of people before the uncertainty of what will happen in the sector, A reduction in real estate prices is expected to compensate for the increase in mortgage quotas.

Un servicio de asesoría integral

Durante los próximos meses, the rise in interest rates will be a key factor to evaluate the evolution of the real estate market, since this fact can provoke a desaceleración en la demanda y, como consecuencia de ello, una diminución de los precios.

De este modo, se abre un escenario fertil para la acquisition de una propiedad. No obstante, este proceso generally implies the realization of multiple trámites que conllevan time and effort, por lo que es conveniente Acudir a profesionales que orienten a las personas y brinden las mejores opciones de pisos y viviendas teniendo en cuenta el panorama real estate actual.

To carry forward all types of real estate management, it is possible to count on the services of La Casa Agency El Clot, one of the leading real estate agencies in Spain, with proven experience in the sector and a wide network of offices distributed by the main cities of the country. , as well as in Italy, Mexico and Argentina.


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