La magica de la Navidad llega hasta House of Son Amar

Con la apertura de las luces en las calles de los pueblos y ciudades de Mallorca se hace evident que la Navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina. House of Son Amar ya lo tiene todo listo para abrir sus puertas, un año más, a una de las ferias más entrañables y familiares de su calendario de actividades. Del 3 of the 18th of December and of Jueves a DomingoHouse of Son Amar is converted into a large leisure and diversion park destined for all publics, where you can immerse yourself in the Christmas environment and participate in a complete program of activities that includes the traditional artisan market that is typical of these days.

Más actos para jóvenes y mayores

This year the organization wanted to expand the available entertainment options, adding a large skating rink enclaved in the fountain area, daily shows It’s Christmas performed by some of the protagonists of the shows Exhibit II and Ohalá, when Santa Claus visits the grotto y espacios de relax en los que disfrutar de una bebida caliente y de la comida tradicional.
The enclosure of House of Son Amar also incorporates the Heineken garden destined for lovers of beer, an ample selection of food and drink in the restaurant Reino de Alcázar, and an exciting daily show of fireworks que harán que tus navidades 2022 sean más especiales que nunca. Let the magic begin.

Christmas Wonderland offers a unique access price to the enclosure of 5 euros per person from 11 years

Christmas Wonderland it offers a unique access price to the enclosure, with parking included, of 5 euros per person from 11 years. Children from 0 to 10 years have free entry.
Ya puede comprar sus entradas accediendo a la platforma B|Style, via the QR code that appears in the advertising announcements of the newspaper Ultima Hora as well as en

Likewise, the organization makes it possible for interested parties to consult by sending a WhatsApp message to the telephone number 645 852 817.


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