Las Deep tech startups solve problemas sociales, affirma egresado de la UDLAP – Urbano

Las Deep tech startups solve problemas sociales, affirma egresado de la UDLAP

Rich Zapata, graduated from the Licenciatura de Ingeniería en Logística, participated in the webinar “Jueves de Negocios”

Rich Zapata Rosasegresado de la Licenciatura de Engineering en Logística de la Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) y co-fundador de Lucero: Guiding single-cells, startup que ayuda, a researchers in the area of ​​cellular biology, a study and entender enfermedades complejas a nivel “single-cell” de una manera más eficaz; he was the especial guest of the webinar “Jueves de Negocios”, event organized by the Direction of Linking with Graduates of the UDLAP, which has as its objective that the speaker, graduate of the Universidad de las Américas Pueblashare strategies and tips that help business development.

During his presentation, Rich Zapata talked about everything related to deep tech startups And he explained why they should be entrepreneurs, what are the most common problems that he faces during the process of entrepreneurship, to finally share the experience he has had with him. startup called Lucero. Inició explaining what is a Deep tech startup and its main characteristics “this type of company takes much time to build, the elaboration of its product requires much money, many times the complexity of the product makes its creation impossible, and finally, its products are based on research and value viene de una patente o algoritmo”.

El Egresado UDLAP dio a conocer que cuando estás creando una empresa de este tipo, es muy común ver 2 tipos de riesgo: el Market risk, que se referé a pensar si lo que se va a construir alguien lo va a querer; y el Technical risk, que es plantearse la pregunta ¿Si se podrá construir? aunque se sepa que es lo que quieren “It is important to take into account the 2 types of risk at the time of creating your company, first do something that people will want and/or buy, but also you must take into account all the technology that is needed to create this producto”. Likewise, he highlighted that the importance of starting a deep tech startup is rooted in the fact that it offers the opportunity to solve important social problems, completely change the way society currently lives, and gives the opportunity to work directly with talented people.

To finalize your presentation, Rich Zapata talked about his Deep tech startup called Lucero, And he made a historical tour through which he explained how it came about, what he had to do to achieve its operation and the type of problem that would be resolved through him. It can be explained that Lucero is a research tool that allows you to manipulate and analyze individual cells in a sample, by integrating basic principles such as optical tweezers, artificial intelligence and small microfluidic chips.



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