Local boat racer places third at Gold Cup despite “close call”

PEACE RIVER, ALTA. – Local boat racer Clint Mohr, with boat #57 “Mohr Aggressive,” had a close call at the Peace River Gold Cup jet boat race last weekend, but managed to place third overall regardless.

Felix Bergeron, of the Peace River Boating Association, said Mohr’s boat hit a gravel bar.

“It was a pretty intense moment for him and his navigator, Kelly Samis. They went up in the air and then finally landed and kept going again,” said Bergeron. “They broke a wing and bent their pump up a little bit, but they were able to go across the finish line and he did manage to win first in his class.”

Bergeron said that Mohr’s boat quit after the incident, and he was unable to race again.

The Gold Cup returned last weekend for the first time since 2019. The race kicked off in the town of Peace River, and according to Bergeron, only six of 11 boats were able to finish the race.

“We had a few blown engines, some broken gearboxes, some hurt feelings, and everything in between,” said Bergeron.

This year’s turnout wasn’t quite what Bergeron had hoped for, so next year, he plans to “drum up interest” earlier in the year.

“We have a meeting here next week with the club to go over what we did good, and what we did bad. We want to keep the ball rolling,” said Bergeron. “We’re going to get together with the clubs from Taylor, Grand Prairie and Whitecourt, to try to solidify some dates for next year.”

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