Local gardens can now join the People’s Garden Initiative from USDA Lifestyle

Are you a Guam gardener with a passion for community empowerment?

Local gardens can now be recognized through the People’s Garden Initiative from USDA. School gardens, community gardens, urban farms, and small-scale agricultural projects that meet USDA’s criteria are all eligible to be included in the nationwide initiative.

To join the People’s Garden Initiative, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Eligible gardens should provide benefits to the community — by growing food, contributing to beautification, providing a wildlife habitat, or by serving as an educational site.
  • Gardens should be a collaborative effort. This can include groups working together with USDA agencies, food banks, or local organizations.
  • Gardens should also incorporate sustainable practices. For example, eligible gardens should use native plant species.
  • Finally, gardens should educate the public about sustainable ways of gardening and share the importance of locally grown, healthy food sources.

People’s Garden locations will be added to a map on the USDA website and featured in USDA communications. Garden locations will also be provided with an official People’s Garden sign.

To register your garden today, visit the USDA’s website to access the registration form.

According to a video from USDA, “People’s Gardens demonstrate what can be done on a local, small scale while building community, growing nutritious food, promoting local diverse and resilient food systems and cultivating green spaces for communities and the environment.”


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