Local homeowners scammed by “contracting company”

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – A couple of homeowners have had a bad experience with a “local” contracting company.

Linwood Bowers and Cindy Boyle say they both hired a contractor from Carefree Creative Coatings claiming to offer low prices for home renovations.

Both say they paid for the work to be done but no one ever showed up to finish the renovations.

Bowers says his wife paid $2,500 for workers to paint the ceiling of their home. Whenever she was able to get in touch with the “contractors” they said they would be coming over. The “contractors” never showed up.

This went on for several weeks, and eventually, they just stopped responding altogether.

Boyle says she paid the owner, Michael Maggard, $8,000 upfront for labor costs but did not receive a contract because he said he didn’t “believe in them.”

“I just feel like someone punched me in the stomach because I trusted somebody, you know, to do a job that I hired them to do and it’s like they just disappeared off the face of the earth,” Boyle said.

Boyle says she found Maggard on Angi’s List and assumed he would be reputable if his company was listed on the website. She says painters started working on the home last year but stopped coming to the house and answering her calls.

Within a month she paid for over $17,000 worth of work to be done inside her home. After a year of no communication, Boyle believes the work will never be completed and she’ll never get her money back.

“They don’t have the money they’ve spent it on other things that’s the problem and because they’ve spent it on other things I’ll never see the money again,” Boyle said. “Not fair for them to come into someone’s home, take their money, rob them of their hopes and dreams that’s just not right.”

She says they left her house in a worse condition than when they started and that she’ll have to pay someone else to fix the work they’ve done.

After searching the Alabama Secretary of State’s website for a business license, it was discovered that the company does not have one.

Since the scams started the company has changed its name from “Carefree Creative Coatings” to “Trim It Right”.

The “Trim It Right” company also does not have a business license but did have an address listed on Google. The location is in Harvest but instead of a business, there was a home down a gravel road with a “no trespassing” sign in the front yard.

A spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau, Lindsay George says these types of scams are common and warns consumers about contractors.

“One of the main red flags that customers should be on the lookout for when it comes to contractors is probably when there’s not enough information about the company in general, you go on their website, they don’t have the proper licensing, no contact information, those are red flags,” George said.

It is recommended to do your research and if you cannot find contact information or a license it is best to find a different contractor.


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