Lucas’ S4 Book Secretly Teases Netflix’s Stranger Things Replacement

The Duffer Brothers have been influenced by Stephen King throughout Stranger Things, now a tease in season 4 reveals a closer connection.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4

The Stranger Things season 4 ending was packed full of Easter eggs, but Lucas ‘reading material stood out for secretly teasing the Duffer Brothers’ next major project, The Talisman. It’s been confirmed that Stranger Things will end after season 5, creating opportunities for the Duffer Brothers to branch out into new stories. With Stephen King being one of their greatest influences, it seems appropriate for them to adapt one of King’s many great works for the small screen.

While the entire Stranger Things season 4 ending was certainly explosive (at times literally), audiences are gifted a more tender moment towards the end of the episode. After Max is attacked by Vecna ​​and surprisingly resurrected by Eleven, she is left comatose and hospitalized with Lucas and Erica sitting at her bedside. Not knowing if she can hear him, but keeping her company nonetheless, Lucas reads an extract of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s 1984 young-adult fantasy novel, The Talisman, to his injured on-again, 0ff-again girlfriend. While viewers might understand the significance of the extract Lucas reads, some may not know the deeper ties this well-known novel has to the Duffer Brothers, the creators of Stranger Things.


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The Talisman tells the story of 12-year-old Jack Sawyer who goes on an epic journey in search of the Talisman, a relic that has the potential to save his dying mother’s life, and even save the rest of the world. His journey takes him across the country and into a dangerous parallel universe known as the Territories, a place mentioned in the extract that Lucas reads in Stranger Things that sounds eerily similar to the Duffer Brothers’ Upside Down. While this is an interesting connection between the novel and the world of Stranger Thingsthe appearance of this particular novel also teases the Duffer Brothers’ next project — an adaptation of The Talisman as its own Netflix series.

What We Know About Netflix’s The Talisman Show

Stranger Things Season 4 Finale The Talisman

Not much is currently known about The Talisman Netflix series, but it has been confirmed that Matt and Ross Duffer will be working as executive producers on the TV show alongside Steven Spielberg. One of the all-time great sci-fi film legends, Spielberg bought the film rights to The Talisman in 1982, two years before the book was even released, and has been trying to create an adaptation of King and Straub’s novel for over 35 years, first in the form of a movie and then a TV miniseries, to no avail. Luckily, with their experience delving into the fantasy-fiction world of alternate realities and strange monsters in Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers might be the perfect choice to give a helping hand on the new Netflix series. The brothers aren’t the only Stranger Things alumni heading over to The Talismanwith Curtis Gwinn, a producer on the horror show, joining the crew as showrunner and writer.

The Netflix adaptation of The Talisman is still in its very early days. However, the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that they’ve had meetings with Spielberg and other producers and already have an outline of the first episode, meaning audiences might not have to wait too long for more information about the series. Previous Netflix adaptations of Stephen King’s work, including In The Tall Grass, 1922, and Gerald’s Game have been immensely popular, and with The Talisman adaptation being produced under Paramount Pictures and Amblin Partners with Spielberg and the Duffer Brothers at the helm, this adaptation is bound to be the best follow up to Stranger Things season 5 viewers could ask for.

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