Manitowoc homes sold and real estate transfers: Sept. 23, 2022


To determine the purchase price of the real estate, divide the transfer fee by 0.003.

For example, a transfer fee of $250 would indicate a purchase price of $83,333.

Real estate sold at a price of $100,000 would have a transfer fee of $300.

September 12

Thomas K. and Susan J. Pankow to Barry V. & Sandra A. Bast Living Trust, $1,424.40

Inspired Endeavors LLC to Israel Sandoval, $330

James Dhein to Matthew T. and Nicole J. Kapellen, $1,050

Melody Hansen to Aaron and Lindsey Hansen, $90

Theris Gabinski to Theris Gabinski Declaration of Trust, NA

Michael J. Rahmlow to Matthew S. Lenzner, $492

Mark Samz to Ryan Thurmon, $345

Anthony F. Schweigl to Paul M. St. Jean and Jeffrey M. Tanner, $270

Robert A. and Donna M. Johnston to Soaring Eagle Dairy LLC, $255

Fox Hills Owners Association to Darrell W. and Karen J. Schramm, NA

Daniel O. and Janice K. Dill to Humphrey and Dulce Rincon, $1,575

September 13

Welcome Home of Wisconsin LLC to Sandra Ann Zellner, $195

Linda Marie Engelland-Hockers to Grant W. Ely, $492

Vandevort Properties LLC to Mark and Danielle Ryder, $165

Benjamin A. and Beth Dow to James Elsen Jr. and Remedios Elsen, $120

Mutual of Wausau Insurance Company and Manitowoc Mutual Insurance Company to Bank First NA, $630

September 14

Gary F. Budysz and Bruce L. Budysz to Catherine Thomas and Mitchell Alexander Koenig, $240

Daniel Stelzer to Kern Stelzer, $165

Rent in Manitowoc LLC to Kraft Company LLC, $1,575

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September 15

Kim Henning and Kay Henning to Sean P. and Ashley K. Hagerty, $871.50

Brad W. and Jennifer L. Kurtzweil to Gregory J. Gries, $1,650

Donna R. Prausa to Trong Holdings LLC, $252

Thomas L. and Karen Ruppel to Bradley and Whitney Sonnenburg, $795

Matthew G. and Eileen M. Piper to Piper Revocable Trust, NA

Rachael K. Schad (Foote) to Joel M. Schoneman, $1,162.50

Andrew D. Orth to Orthland Dairy Farm LLC, $403.20

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September 16

James F. and Paula Zdziarski to Todd and Marie Jaschob, $600

Rosemary Investments LLC to Paul D. and Bonnie M. Linquist, $675

Kathryn Ann and Christopher M. Audino to Audino Living Trust, NA

Kathryn A. and Christopher M. Audino to Audino Living Trust, NA

James R. Morreau to Michael D. Bailey, $599.70

Virginia M. Podrabsky to Kate M. Lulloff, NA

Virginia M. Podrabsky to David H. and Pamela A. Roehrig, NA

John W. and Vicki L. Woelfel to James and Theresa Bellmer, $707.70

3WC LLC to FTF WI 5050 Hecker Road LLC, $8,287.50

Claude A. and Tami L. Ford to Steven M. and Michelle M. Ferry, $604.50

Allan R. and Jo Ann G. Holtz to Anita M. Stietz, $339

Elaine C. Antcliffe to Christine Schmidt, $513

Arthur J. Diedrich to Donovan Schneider, $417

Max Paul and Lorraine D. Thibeault to Russell J. and Sherri J. Paukner, $495

Emily Lucille and Shaun Robert Adams to Olivia Schaus, $540

Carol J. and Daniel P. Wergin Jr. to Antonio Rodriguez, $1,050

John E. Rennicke to Andrew Mathiebe, $15

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