May 7 Weather Advisories For Flooding and Wind Not Good For Outdoor Events

May 7 2022

Saturday Morning Report

I have a personal investment in the weather today that I would like to share with you. I don’t want to impose too much of my stuff in your weather report, but sometimes it helps tell the story. So with the Flood Warnings, Advisers, Wind Advisors, and Mother’s Day any outdoor plans are not favorable.

My Event: Six Pillars Century in Cambridge

As you may know, My Maryland Trek is a hike and bike across the state every summer. But I’ve never done 100 miles on a bike in a single day … until today … sort of.

My friend Keith Wills is a strong rider and has already logged 2,000 miles this year. He invited me to the 100 mile ride in Cambridge today.

Friday evening we picked up our packets, and over 400 people already deferred (back out) due to the conditions with rain, wind, and chilly temps.

This Morning…

60 mile course simply for logistics. I DO NOT and WILL NOT quit. My Trek honors kids in caner treatment and they can’t quit, and that’s my incentive.

My wife sent this coffee cup to Keith to surprise me. They said I GOT THIS, so I MUST !!! I feel loved!

I write my report. Please know it will be somewhat brief. Basically it will be chilly with strong winds and rain… With more rain farther north in central Maryland and southern PA.

I have a place to cycle emoji near Cambridge MD on the weather maps to show where we will be today.

Morning Conditions

Surface Weather


Rainfall So Far (up to 7 AM)

The heaviest rain has been west of the Bay and through metro areas…

Flood Alerts Watch

Radar Simulation 8 AM to 10 PM

Steady rain will continue over the same areas, with more spotty rain on Delmarva. But the rain will fill in and expand this afternoon


Rainfall Forecast Through Midnight

Wind Alerts

Stronger winds will be felt in Northeastern Maryland to the coast. Gusts to 50 mph under the Advisory.

A Small Craft Advisory in effect along the Chesapeake Bay.

Wind Forecast 8 AM to Midnight


Wind Forecast Snapshot at Noon

This will be the biggest factor for us cycling. Expecting a steady 15 mph with gusts to 35. There is a Small Craft Advisory on the Bay and we ride along the water.

Mid Day Temperatures

Yes, this chilly !!! Not expecting much change the rest of the day…


TODAY May 7th

Normal Low in Baltimore: 49ºF

Record 33ºF in 1970

Normal High in Baltimore: 71ºF

1930 96ºF Record

Sunday – Mother’s Day

The Low Pressure will be trying to move away to the Southeast…. But the wind will remain.

Showers should be departing for most of the region early… The afternoon stays chilly !!!



Yes, these numbers are forecast at 4 PM on Mother’s Day. I am just the messenger…

The warmer 50s and 60s may get breaks of sun.

Looking Ahead: NOAA Outlook For Summer Heat By Mid Month

Click here for full report

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7 Day Forecast

Mother’s Day may show some departure of rain, but remaining windy and chilly.

The warm up may start to show later next week… With the flip to summer heat a week later…

Tropical Season Begins June 1

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast

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* Disclaimer due to frequent questions:

I am aware there are some spelling and grammar typos. I have made a few public statements over the years, but if you missed it:

I have dyslexia, and found out at my second year at Cornell. I didn’t stop getting my meteorology degree, and be the first to get the AMS CBM in the Baltimore / Washington region.

I miss my mistakes in my own proofreading. The autocorrect spell check on my computer sometimes does the injustice to make it worse.

All maps and information are accurate. The ‘wordy’ stuff can get sticky.

There is no editor that can check my work when I need it and have it ready to send out in a newsworthy timeline.

I accept this and maybe proves what you read is really from me…

It’s part of my charm.

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