Micron Agritech to bring rapid parasite test kit to market following € 1.5m investor boost

Micron Agritech has taken one large step closer to bringing its rapid parasite test kit to market, having raised € 1.5m from investors the company has said manufacturing is about to be scaled up.

icron Kit allows farmers and vets to test animals on the spot for parasites using their mobile phone.

The user collects a sample, prepares it through a series of steps, and it’s then analyzed automatically through an app on your phone.

The samples are analyzed through machine learning, with the user receiving results within minutes.

This rapidity allows the farmer to make real time decisions on whether an animal needs to be medicated or not. This in turn allows for both medication and money to be saved, and reduces the potential for resistance developing on farms.
Micron Agritech was set up by Sean Smith, Daniel Izquierdo, Tara McElligott and Jose Lopez in 2019 while they were students at Technological University Dublin.

In its first round of funding, The Dublin-based startup raised € 500,000 in seed money in order to turn its concept into a working project.

Late last year the company signed its Micron kit up for VetQAS Proficiency Testing, the first non lab to do so.

Labs are required to have an accuracy within three standard deviations for the proficiency test. Micron Kit was accurate to one deviation when tested during December.

The company said it is confident that this latest round of proficiency testing will give vets the assurance needed that the product is ready to perform in the field. The kit has been undergoing beta testing across the country by XLVets.

“Our plan is to deploy the kit to vets initially and develop credibility and trust within the industry,” Daniel Izquierdo told the Farming Independent.

“We are preparing to launch the product fully and it will be very competitively priced in comparison to conventional testing.”

The kit will be fully manufactured in Ireland by Micron Agritech in Dublin along with Gentian Services in Clare.

The company has confirmed that Micron Kit will be suitable for use as part of the Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH) for farmers,

which is delivered by trained vets.

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