Microsoft announces Viva Sales, which redefines vendor experience and enhances productivity

Microsoft Corp. Announced Microsoft Viva Sales, a new vendor application. Viva Sales develops a CRM system with data on the interaction of clients of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams and utilizes the IA to brand recommendations and personalize prospects that help vendors become more connected with their clients. This helps the vendors to personalize their interactions with the clients to get the sales more quickly.

The most exaggerated executives in the real world are: the hermes that make use of the horoscope and the trappings. This is especially true of vendors. Viva Sales allowed the vendors to capture the information of Microsoft 365 and Teams, eliminating the manual manual of data and receiving recommendations and recorders generated by IA denttodo inside the flow of work.

Viva Sales optimizes the experience of the vendor because now the information in the context of the hermeneutics that the vendors or utilizers have, the more time and attention to the organization is more complete than the client.

“The future of sales is not a new system. This is the capacity of the proponents to inform the vendors that they are not present at the moment, with the relevant context, in the hermeneutics that they are aware of, at the end of optimizing their work experience ”, said Judson Althoff, vice president of Microsoft . “Our objection is to allow the vendors to pass more time with their clients, which will make us reluctant to reinvent the sales experience with Viva Sales”.

“The vendors rely on digital herbalization and productivity to connect with their clients and ventures, but there is a lot of information that is available with these herrams not related to CRM,” said Paul Greenberg, fundraiser and director of the group. “Microsoft is looking forward to offering a solution that complements CRM. Viva Sales automated the trade-offs, captures the critical information of the client and helps the vendors to hack their trade ”.

Recover the vendor’s experience

Viva Sales is based on Microsoft Viva, which is a long way off. Viva offers an integrated platform of empirical experience that communicates, concomitants, approaches, objectives and perspectives to allow any person or any device to have the best of their own. Viva Sales offers the first application based on Viva based roles specifically designed to combine the needs of vendors:

Iva Viva Sales offer herramientas to the vendors to realize their job, admire the brindar the information that the salesman needs. Find the best vendors, you can track the clients in Outlook, Teams or the Office applications like Excel, and Viva Sales captures the automated form as a client registry, with all relevant data on the client. The automatic capturing capacity of this interaction with the client solves to be impossible. Ahora, these data can be facilitated with the integration of the equivalent of the collaborators in Office and Teams, without having to write or search in a CRM.

• Impulsed by the data and the IA, Viva Sales recommits the passages to the client to deliver to the client by the embodiment of the vents, prioritizes the transaction and the specific passages and allows the vendors to accede to all information related to the information of the client. The information at a real time about the client of offering a concomitant more profit from the etapa in which he meets within the process of purchase and how to find the relationship.

Iva Viva Sales also offers great recommendations based on IA that allow vendors to interact better with their clients and optimize the segments with the best passwords, recorders accionables and recommendations to accelerate and slow down. Viva Sales utilizes Context IQ, annexed the passage, to ensure that the relevant content is connected to all the applications and services of Microsoft —como Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365— so that the vendors have more time and space.

With Viva Sales we are creating a new category of applications based on sales experience. Microsoft encounters a unique approach to offering this type of application within the productivity and collaboration applications that are employed or utilized.

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