Mid-year shopping 2022 offers the happy medium

WHEN online shopping becomes a trend, they said every physical store needs a webshop, now you often hear the opposite. Since a physical store provides key services, an online shop cannot possibly offer, they can complement each other in two directions, both with their unique services.

Many online stores now offer both: you order online and collect your purchase in a physical store nearby. This way customers can order online while also receiving personal advice and easy return process. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Here are some facts about in-store shopping and physical shopping.

In-store shopping activity drives almost half of e-commerce sales, according to a global consumer survey from SapientRazorfish and Salesforce. More than half of shoppers — 60 percent of respondents — start their hunt in the digital channel but prefer shopping in a physical location.

The report also noted that artificial intelligence can help shoppers to better connect with the most relevant products. In addition, mobile continues to be a massive resource for retail activity, with 71 percent of all global consumers having used their mobile devices for retail activity in the past 30 days.

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The report, called “Shoppers-First Retailing: What Consumers Are Telling us about the Future of Shopping,” is a broad study but reinforces the value of the in-store experience at a time when most retailers are trying to figure out what their store needs to survive. For example, if 58 percent of Generation Z shoppers prefer the physical store experience to online, as this study suggests, retailers pondering their futures can start to feel a little more confident that they actually have futures.

Whatever way we shop, this 2022 mid-year shopping offers slashed prices with exciting treats. But be careful, even if the prices are now lower, there are shopping strategies you can use to maximize your savings during this mid-year sale season.

Have a plan. It’s tempting to just run past the automatic doors of the nearest mall and grab anything with a large discount sign above it or click the online shopping app in your mobile and “add to cart.” Knowing where to shop and when is of key importance.

Know what fits your home. Home appliances and furniture stores offer some of the best mid-year discounts so it’s smart to try and take advantage of them. However, before you even think of looking for a new refrigerator or living room set, make sure you know if these items fit into your house in the first place.

Do your gift shopping around this time too. Have you figured out what to get this year’s Christmas gifts and birthdays? Well, you should. If you know your friends and family well and have an idea of ​​what to get them, what better time to do so than during the mid-year sales season? Make a list along with what you want to buy for yourself so you don’t forget.

Avoid big crowds by shopping on weekday mornings. Take a day off in the middle of the week and go in the morning to make sure you beat out the competition when it comes to shopping for these kinds of stuff. It will be worth it especially if you want to buy a lot of stuff with attractive discounts.


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