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Tucked away on the back side of the Merino Mill in Mooresville, a company has been plugging away for years, working hard to expand their impact in the housing market in a way that many in the industry might overlook.

PetScreening, founded by John Bradford in 2017, provides rental properties all over the country with a background check, of sorts, with the goal of allowing those companies to become more pet inclusive.

Their work growing from a start-up to a multimillion dollar company in a short span has attracted all kinds of positive headlines for PetScreening, including being named to Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 list in 2021 as well as being named one of North Carolina’s Top 10 tech start-ups to watch in 2019.

“I just pinch myself every day when I come in here,” Bradford said. “It’s been so fun to see this company grow from what it was six years ago.”

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All of that attention caught the eye of US Rep. Patrick McHenry, who paid a visit to the company’s headquarters on Wednesday.

“We really appreciate (Congressman McHenry) coming by to visit us today,” Bradford said. “I think it’s a great sign that he supports the small businesses in the area and that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he comes out here to meet with us. I just think that’s really cool.”

PetScreening was one of the congressman’s four stops to Iredell County businesses on Wednesday and had been on his radar to visit for a while with scheduling conflicts preventing the meeting over the last few months.

During the meeting, Bradford not only presented the congressman with what the company does and how they plan to continue to grow, they also detailed one of their initiatives that they were hoping to get some help with.

The company’s PS4DS program, or PetScreening for Down Syndrome, aims to help those with Down Sydrome find and adopt their pet of choice and PetScreening paying for up to $1,000 of the costs associated with adopting from a shelter.

The PS4DS program covers the adoption and rehoming fees, cost of pet supplies, training services and veterinary care for people with Down Sydrome who are looking to adopt a new pet.

Unfortunately, PetScreening has struggled to this point to get the word out about their program.

“We’re really just looking for people that we can help find their new animal friend,” Bradford said. “We thought that bringing in (Congressman McHenry) would help us better connect to those out there that are looking to adopt a pet.”

For more information about PetScreening, and PS4DS, visit their website at


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