NASA: Space agency delays launch of Artemis 1 Moon rocket, again

On Monday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) delayed the Artemis 1 Moon rocket launch date for its third attempt from September 23 to September 27. The decision was taken after two failed attempts earlier. It is a next-generation rocketship. The rocket will now be grounded for at least four more days. It was supposed to be ready for the liftoff. All eyes will now be on September 27 to see if the third time charm works for the independent agency of the US federal government.

“NASA has adjusted the targeted dates for a cryogenic demonstration test and to the next launch opportunities for Artemis I, the first integrated flight test of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft beyond the Moon. The agency will conduct the demonstration test no earlier than Wednesday, Sept. 21, and has updated its request for a launch opportunity Sept. 27, with a potential backup opportunity of Oct. 2 under review,” the space agency said.

“The updated dates represent careful consideration of multiple logistical topics, including the additional value of having more time to prepare for the cryogenic demonstration test, and subsequently more time to prepare for the launch. The dates also allow managers to ensure teams have enough rest and to replenish supplies of cryogenic propellants,” it further said.

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On August 29, NASA first tried launching the mission. However, a problem with one engine caused the space body to postpone the launch. The mission team soon traced that issue to a faulty temperature sensor. The team got the SLS and Orion ready for another try on September 3.

On September 3, the space agency made a second attempt to launch the Artemis-1 mission. Alas! It was scrubbed soon. Engineers detected leaks on the launch vehicle while loading it with fuel.

NASA had been eyeing September 23 for its third attempt. But, on Monday, the agency announced in a blog post that the earlier date is no longer in play. It is now targeting September 27 for the Artemis 1 liftoff.


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