Natalia Téllez becomes a ‘gypsy’ for new photo session | Lifestyle

The conductor loves the camera, like a supermodel, with an eclectic look.

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After becoming a mother for the first time, Natalia Téllez has shown that she not only dedicates herself fully to her motherhood, but also puts everything on her side to continue with her work projects every day, including acting in Mexican cinema and conducting television. In addition to an adjusted work schedule, the actress and television presenter no longer has one of her most important and representative facets of her personality; fashion and modeling.

In recent weeks, the 35-year-old actress, and mother of little Emilia, has surprised, increasingly risked by experimenting with new looks like a true “blank canvas” when it comes to modeling. The performer has gone from assuming retro looks, in the style of the 60s, to transforming into androgynous outfits of shirt, waistcoat and tie.

Proof of this new stage, in which Natalia Téllez appreciates being in touch with her more artistic and experimental side, are the recent photo sessions that the minor of the Netas Divinas has starred in and published for her followers on social networks such as Instagram. In one of her most recent looks, the conductor transformed herself into a “gypsy” with a white dress, leather corset and long boots: “Leo la fortune a domicilio, manden dm”.

A collaboration with Jero O’Reilly, an expert in styling and who has worked with other celebrities, such as Ximena Romo, the conductor looked spectacular, boasting a messy red hair styled by @davehairdresser, and a makeup created by the expert in makeupNancy Lopez.

The look was celebrated by the followers of Téllez, who loved not only the look but also the talent of the actress when she tried to pose for the cameras. Some fans joked with Nat, saying that she “exaggeró” with jewelry, like bracelets and rings, while others only congratulated her for her work, because every day she proves to be one of the coolest moms in the world of entertainment.


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