National Cyber ​​Security Agency takes part in UDST career fair

The National Cyber ​​Security Agency yesterday participated in the first job fair by the University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) as part of its role in attracting and sponsoring students and graduates for training and employment purposes.

According to an official press statement, through its pavilion, the agency introduced its specialties and the services it provides while providing advice and guidance to students and graduates as well as individuals looking for job opportunities. These are in addition to answering professional and technical inquiries.
Latifa al-Ameri, Director of Support Services Affairs at the National Cyber ​​Security Agency, said that the agency, through its participation, seeks to attract distinguished Qatari individuals and include them in the agency’s staff as part of the plans and programs that the agency is working on to recruit national competencies.
“We, at the National Cyber ​​Security Agency, aim to inform students about the job opportunities and the current training and development plans,” she added.
Al-Ameri pointed out that the agency introduced the public to its specialties and the services it provides, which would draw the attention of many Qatari experts to the work mechanism and the services and opportunities it provides.
Nassim al-Qahtani from the Human Resources Department of the agency said that through its participation in this exhibition, the agency seeks to introduce students and graduates to open vacancies. She pointed out that the agency will proceed with scheduling interviews very soon.
During a workshop held on August 29 on the sidelines of the career fair, Dana al Abdullah, director of Governance and Cyber ​​Security Affairs, delivered a presentation on the importance of cybersecurity in our daily lives and its impact on individuals and institutions. The presentation was well received by students and graduates.

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