Natixis Investment Managers launches Asset Studio, a digital platform for personal analysis of portfolios

La gestora Natixis IM refuerza su apuesta tecnologia. Natixis IM has launched Asset Studio, a digital platform for personal analysis of portfolios. La herramienta permite a los inversores realizar una supervizione modular de vanilla & structured assets (activos simples y estructurados). También ayuda a comprender mejor la gestion compleja y las carteras en su conjunto.

The architecture is based so much on a complete ecosystem of APIs that allows the connection between FinTechs, as well as on a Natixis Cloud (AWS) owner. The goal is to guarantee a high level of security and ensure total control of the environment and data.

A technology aggregation platform

Asset Studio is the result of a collaborative initiative between the team of Natixis IM Solutions Team and siete FinTechs: Alpima, Auth0, Envestboard, Heavenize, Lexifi, Neoxam, Weefin. Each one contributed distinctive technologies that contributed to the development of the platform’s functionalities. Both in terms of management of activities and more advanced analysis (coverage strategies, management of assets and liabilities and structured products).

“The functionalities of Asset Studio range from the intuitive visualization of key financial indicators to the analysis and presentation of digital ASG reports and portfolio climate indicators, as well as coverage, fund analysis and portfolio supervision,” he explained. Oumar Diawara, Director of Structure and Technology at Natixis IM Solutions.

A new technological solution

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, Asset Studio provides a technological solution and makes client satisfaction a priority. Accessible from the portal of clients of Natixis IM, permite a los usuarios optimize interactively su proceso de inversion.

“The launch of Asset Studio demonstrates our efforts to create value for our clients. It illustrates our capacity to innovate within an entrepreneurial ecosystem like the FinTech sector, to provide our clients with a simplified investment experience adapted to their specific needs,” he declared. Joseph Pinto, director of international distribution of Natixis Investment Managers.

The digital approach allows a personalization adjusted: each type of client has a dedicated interface and a data base of more than 100,000 funds, with or without Natixis IM, to monitor the integrity of the portfolios. “La arquitectura abierta gives a los administrators de assets y private bankeros acceso completo a tools de simulación y construcción de carteras. Los clients y los internal teams de Asset Studio interact en tiempo real en la plataforma, haciendo que el approach sea dynamico y collaborativo” , added Aziz Diallo, subdirector of Estructuration and Technology at Natixis IM Solutions.

La Dimensione ASG, en el corazón de Asset Studio

Aware that ASG is a growing concern for investors, it is an essential component of the platform. They have developed several specific functionalities, which include:

  • Una tool de puntuación para evaluar los puntajes E, S y G de acuerdo con los emisores invertidos en la cartera.
  • Tener en cuenta las politicas internas de los clientes que deseen implementar una estrajetia de allocation en línea con sus propias medidas y procesos.
  • Simulation tools in terms of carbon trajectory to identify solutions with a lower climate impact.
  • El acceso a una base de datos extrafinancieros aggregated por fini weeFin y que pueden comparase entre sí con fines de objetividad.

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