New Advisory Firm Intends to Shake Up Consulting Industry

Apr 11, 2022 10:08 AM ET


Russell & Associates is pleased to announce the launch of an advisory services firm, headed by its founder, Stephen Russell, a 40-year financial services and management consulting veteran who has held numerous senior executive positions with Citigroup and PricewaterhouseCoopers both in the US and globally. An international troubleshooter and turnaround expert who has lived in nine countries, and worked in over sixty, brings a global business acumen and a depth of work experiences unparalleled by his contemporaries. This background coupled with cultural dexterity and leadership abilities to not only identify causes of business problems but also fix them. Immensely ethical and transparent, Mr. Russell operates easily at Board and Executive level and knows how to communicate difficult and challenging information in a straightforward and compelling manner to cut through political agendas and tell it as it really is. A rarity in today’s cutthroat corporate operating environment.

Russell & Associates was founded on the philosophy that these characteristics are absent in today’s management consulting industry that is driven by Partner revenue targets, generic solutions, and vanilla services and not by pointed and highly relevant actionable client advice and guidance. The firm intends to satisfy the underserved needs of its clients by providing deep expertise and advisory services on legal regulatory, risk and compliance matters including technology, cyber security, and digital online platforms.

A culture of complacency and a tolerance for non-compliance has permeated financial services and driven by failures in corporate governance, a lack of investment in compliance infrastructure, and a general decline in the level of knowledge and experience in compliance management.

Russell & Associates seeks to address these pervasive industry issues while simultaneously disrupting an entrenched consulting industry that has failed to demonstrate the independence, competency, and motivation in helping solve these issues for the public good.

A proprietary network of advisory team members in senior executive leadership positions provides a clear competitive advantage, with experience that spans multiple industries including financial services, aviation, technology, biotech, automotive, branding, and global sports marketing. This network is a key differentiator that enables Russell & Associates to approach every client problem with a collective wisdom and expertise. Additionally, the firm has established agreements with other consulting partners who can provide corporate investigations, fraud, anti-money laundering, data management, resiliency, outsourcing, accounting, and financial expertise.

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