Nice Avalon Wealth Management, new valve agency that offers asymmetrical and cartoon gestures

The agency that acquired the fragrant hace ace and mediocrity of the manus varios ex professionals of GBS Finanzas Capital: José Togores Mahou, Graciela Domínguez Vega- Penichet and Gerardo Lorenzo Malvar

The CNMV has made the visto bueno a cuarta de valores que inicia su actividad en este 2022.

In the meeting, with three general directors: José Togores Mahou, the 2020 Director of Real Estate and Gestor of Carteras Financieras at GBS Financias Investcapital AV and in the actuality of the consultation of the group Mau San Miguel, Graciela Dominguez Vega- The same firm as Director Commercial and member of the Committee of Inversions and Gerardo Lorenzo Malvar, ex Director General and Gestor de Carteras Financieras. The equation of the new agency is formed by two partners more like Joaquin Melgarejo Mahiques and José Manuel Lorenzo.

The firm dedicates patrimonial and cartoons to all types of clients, since it is based on the activity plan that has been presented to the supervisor organization. Search results on your webpage for your account Patrimonial planning service with the manor cost possible and with access to all the offers of an independent form, including solutions and activating alternatives.

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